GOP Destroying Tax Vote Looms

SB 1, aka “The Transportation Bill” aka “The Income Destroyer Bill” aka “The Republican Suicide Bill” may be voted on by the Pennsylvania State House this week, reports Teri Adams of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association.

The bill calls for a 30 cent per gallon tax hike on gasoline, among other things. It was approved by the Senate in June but tabled when those crazy Tea Party types in the House put up a fuss. Well, it looks like it’s now time for round two and the establishment “Hey, It’s Not My Money” Republicans seem to think they can make enough of a deal with the “IT’S MY MONEY, GIMME, GIMME, GIMME” Democrats to overcome the Tea Partyers.

Gov. Tom “I Need No Stinkin’ Second Term” Corbet has promised to sign it.

“Just so you know, Governor Tom Corbett and a majority of the PA Senate  refuse to call a gas tax increase of roughly $.30 a gallon a ‘tax.’  Just substitute the euphemism ‘revenue’ for the word ‘tax’ and allow them to take you to the cleaners,” said Ms. Adams.

She notes that the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry also supports the bill as parts of the state’s infrastructure is indesperate need of repair.

“But State Representative Stephen Barrar (R-160) informs us that the $2.5 billion Transportation Bill is laden with pork for bike trails and other parks and recreation spending,” said said. “Representative Barrar suggests that while bridge repair is necessary, the additional spending is not.”

Also, the citizen cannot afford a 30 cent per gallon gas tax hike.

Ms. Adams and her association suggest Governor Corbett and the PA Assembly cut spending elsewhere in the budget or pass the Liquor Privatization Bill and use the fees generated from the sale of liquor licenses to cover the cost of repairing the bridges.

“Why is it that our Governor and State Senators always look to our wallets as the solution to their funding problems.  Do they not understand that our wallets are empty?” She said. “Do our elected officials not know how to prioritize budgetary matters?”

She asks that citizens call House Majority Leader Mike Turzai at 717-772-9943 and tell him to table SB1–the Gas Tax Bill!

“Then call your State Representative and tell him/her to VOTE NO on SB1 if and when it comes up for a vote,” she said.

To find your legislator and/or legislator contact information, visit here.

Ms. Adams thanked  Dom Giordano and Rep. Barrar for bringing this critical issue to light.

GOP Destroying Tax Vote

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