Hi Ren Is True Art

Hi Ren Is True Art — Hi Ren by English musician Ren Gill is not fun but it is anything but stupid and is infinitely better than what passes for popular music today.

It actually is kind of popular as it has 4.1 million views on Youtube as of today, Feb. 2.

We’ll put the song in the pure art category.

Here’s the take by Evita Duffy-Alfonso of The Federalist.

Hi Ren Is True Art

2 thoughts on “Hi Ren Is True Art”

  1. Wow, can so relate to this, scary when you hear the voices from your own head said out loud by someone else, to put himself out there for ALL to see & hear,hats off to him, Hopefully the “professionals” pay attention & stop treating us like lab rats to try their next drug on.

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