Internet Addicting As Cocaine

Internet Addicting As Cocaine — Chinese researchers have found indications that internet addiction produces similar changes to the brain as addiction to alcohol and cocaine

Scientists at the Shanghai Mental Health Center scanned the brains of 17 adolescents diagnosed   with “internet addiction disorder” who had been referred to the, and compared the results with scans from 16 of their peers.

They found impairment of white matter fibers in the brain connecting regions involved in emotional processing, attention, decision making and cognitive control, which were similar to that for alcoholics and cocaine addicts.

It is estimated that between 5 and 10 percent of internet users — mostly gamers — are addicted.

How does one know if one is an addict? One example used was if one spends 14 hours playing games nightly online, and find oneself unable to quit despite the damage it may be doing in one’s life, then one is an addict.

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Internet Addicting As Cocaine

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