IRS Calls Entertain Senior Citizen

IRS Calls Entertain Senior Citizen — A certain senior citizen we know has been getting calls from a cell phone claiming to be from the IRS and saying the department was suing him.

These scammers have conned decent unsuspecting people of a lot of money and should be rotting in jail.

In the meantime, however, they have been providing a source of mirth and entertainment for our retiree. IRS Calls Entertain Senior Citizen

In the initial call, he asked the scammer – who had a strong Indian accent — if he wanted to buy a duck. This confused him. When the scammer tried to get back on track our retiree asked again. Eventually, the scammer got frustrated and hung up.

But the sport was not over. The scammer had given a number to contact to resolve the lawsuit.

So, throughout the morning our retiree has been calling that number. He identifies himself as Joe Penner and asks the scammer if he wants to “buy a duck”.

Apparently, that was an in-phrase when our senior citizen was young.

The last time he tried he was put directly to voice mail.

He had fun while it lasted, though.

The Treasury Department has a web page for taking complaints for this scam. Yes, our senior citizen has filed one.

IRS Calls Entertain Senior Citizen

5 thoughts on “IRS Calls Entertain Senior Citizen”

  1. When they call me with their phony baloney message I call back asking if they want to buy a house. They argue with me saying they already have a house so I ask them where and maybe it’s time for them to move since their obviously rolling in the dough with their collections. The last guy got frustrated and hung up so I called back getting a different person and I do it again…it is quite entertaining. One guy got indignant with me, started to argue and I told him I was going to hunt him down, cut his tiny balls off and shove them down his throat. Funny, no more calls since then.

  2. I got that call, too, but as a voicemail during the day. I thought about reporting it somewhere–IRS, local police, etc, but I just deleted it.

    “Buy a duck” might go back to the Marx Brothers routine from “Coconuts”–“Yeah, but why a duck?”

    1. Maybe not “Coconuts”–I wasn’t really much of a Marx Brothers fan. I liked the Three Stooges much better.

    2. It goes back to an old-time radio show in the 30s and 40s. Joe Penner used to bring the house roaring to its feet simply by saying ,” Do you want to buy a duck?”
      It was really funny then.

      This should bea standard reply to all unsolicited phone calls.

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