Ivermectin Success Stories Cause Angst

Ivermectin Success Stories Cause Angst — Podcaster Joe Rogan is causing the “smart set” to sputter with his claim that ivermectin was involved with curing his Covid.

This crowd had been taking pleasure in the deaths of outspoken vax-skeptics and was absolutely mirthful when it learned that Milo Yiannopoulos — who we think of as the George Carlin of the 21st century — was using veterinary ivermectin to treat his serious case of Covid.

Well, it appears Milo is out of the woods. Drat! Foiled by the horse paste.

You can see the story unfold on his Telegram channel starting on Aug. 25, with all the drama one would expect from our favorite trollmaster.

Anyway, Milo is hitting back hard condemning the establishment opposition to the drug.

“I am absolutely stunned at the deep and deadly corruption in (the USA),” he said. “Google ivermectin and you’ll be ridiculed for eating horse paste and told it doesn’t work. But it does. Doctors privately admit that it does. Studies from all over the world show that it does. The lies in the most prestige and supposedly well-informed media outlets are jaw-dropping. These people deserve something worse than death for what they have done.”

Milo further says that up to 100 members of Congress are using ivermectin as part of a Covid prophylaxis for themselves and families.

Still, some will say ivermectin is just something a Third-World African nation would use.

We concede the point.

Ivermectin Success Stories Cause Angst
Ivermectin Success Stories Cause Angst

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  1. The whole farce is unbelievable to any thinking person with common sense. Thank you again Mr. Lawrence, I really enjoy reading your great thinking articles.

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