Kyle Causes Mental Dyspepsia

Kyle Causes Mental Dyspepsia

By Bob Small

My initial reaction to the latest Kyleamity was yeah, I might be nervous if he was on campus, too”. Except it turns out Kyle Rittenhouse was an online only student, at Arizona State University, yet this led four student groups, led by Students for Socialism ASU , to plan a “Killer off our Campus Rally” for Wednesday, Dec 1.

Meanwhile, College Republicans United, one of two warring ASU Republican Groups, had been raising monies for his legal fees (Channel 12, Phoenix). There could be six student groups at this rally to get this online student offline!

The ASU Students for Socialism Website averred that Rittenhouse’s “got a not guilty verdict from a flawed ‘justice’ system” but said he’s still guilty to the victims and their families.(www,

Possibly this might be akin to the feelings some voters still have about the 2020 Election.

Kyle Causes Mental Dyspepsia

In a statement on Nov. 29 the four student groups said that Kyle was a problem because of “the racist and fascist right-wing elements that he will bring on campus”, if not there already. (ASU Student Newspaper, The State Press, article by Lavidge T-Bird)

Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Candidate and former ASU Lobbyist Matt Salmon felt }It is completely outrageous that left-wing student groups are allowed to engage in a dangerous, ongoing harrassment campaign against Kyle Rittenhouse, while university bureaucrats sit on their hands”. (also from

By now, everyone should be aware that Kyle has been “destudented” from ASU. The ASU Republicans/Socialists will have to find another ’cause celebre’ to rally around, perhaps the Phoenix Cop, fired for killing a wheelchair bound shoplifter on Nov 29, though it was verified he had a knife.

Probably Kyle cannot do anything that will not cause negative comment, If he ended up helping the Phoenix Police gather “toys for underserved children”, he would be roundly lambasted for that. Maybe the Socialists and the Republicans could work together on that, instead.

Maybe Kyle was found “not guilty”, and he should be allowed to go on with his life. You think?

Maybe he carries it all in his brainpan forever, You think?
Maybe we all just need to go on with our lives and let him do the same.

Other sources include article by Richard Luscombe Mike Lachance and others, article by Aryan Vaksh

Kyle Causes Mental Dyspepsia

2 thoughts on “Kyle Causes Mental Dyspepsia”

  1. The liberal youth are the downfall of this country. The depth of their stupidity is unfathomable, a bottomless pit.

  2. Woke, Antifa, et al don’t care about facts. Many of we old radicals are appalled and disgusted.

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