KYW Bias Jarred Upon Return

KYW Bias Jarred Upon Return — The Great Nor’easter of 2018 knocked out power here for 24 hours starting 2 p.m., Friday (March 2), and we resorted to the transistor radio and KYW for news.

Our return to traditional media was jarring, to say the least.

The journalism put us in despair. While there was plenty of coverage of some murder where a man shot his wife and mother-in-law, and there was sports and news about Hollywood, little was heard about the story of the day, namely one million-plus Philadelphia-area residents being without power and heat during a winter storm.

What was arguably worse was  the bias. It was always there but shone like a spotlight after a long hiatus.

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court had given another victory to the Mariner East Two Pipeline appropriately ruling that local zoning laws do not apply to it.

KWY reported it.

The pipeline, which is owned by Sunoco and Energy Transfer Partners, would move natural gas from the frack fields of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania to Sunoco’s Marcus Hook Refinery.

KYW picked an opponent of the pipeline to be interviewed. This person bemoaned the decision. This person said the pipeline endangers  the community — it doesn’t — implying the judges were motivated by cronyism and corruption rather than law.

The comments were treated sympathetically and left without rebuttal.

Nobody pointed out that the pipeline would create jobs, lower consumer costs, provide taxes and increase energy independence. Nobody pointed out that there are risks to everything — especially involving energy — and the risks concerning this project are miniscule.

Nobody pointed out that the state has supremacy over municipalities when it comes to oil and gas matters.

That some still get their information from sources like this is why the Democrat Party still wins elections.

KYW Bias Jarred Upon Return After Storm

KYW Bias Jarred Upon Return



9 thoughts on “KYW Bias Jarred Upon Return”

    1. I’ll say, though, that I had a similar experience, seeing how thoroughly biased a media outlet is, when I was house-sitting for relatives last week. They get the local daily newspaper, the Morning Call, and I read it, having nothing better to do. From followup stories on the Parkland massacre, to coverage of the President, all stories presented the Leftist/Progressive view and nothing else. To the paper’s credit, there were some letters to the editor, that presented any opinions that could be called conservative, or even just Republican.

      You’re right-anyone who relies on such sources of news can do nothing *but* vote for Democrats.

  1. And another problem is the lack of depth, even in written reporting. It’s one thing, when radio news presents things in 10 or 20-second sound bites, with no depth. But when you read what passes for reporting, and you see the lack of analysis, you see how low journalism has sunk.

  2. Pennsylvania has become a Totalitarian Government originating in Chester County by Lawyers in collusion with County Commissioners where at they formed a Centralized Government plan of operation, Landscapes 1-2-3/Agenda 21 from which they rule and bill for their honest services. Our Chester County City, Boroughs and Townships, and School Boards and PA state legislatures are ruled by the Lawyers who vote accordingly with quid pro quo/paid to play via employment for them and their spouses and children, etc. Likewise, the Lawyers tookover ALL religious organizations (top religious leaders sold their souls to the lawyers), banks, higher education institutions (locally WCU, Chester County Intermediate Unit), local news media and radio news both play games pitting republicans vs democrats and vice versa when in reality WE THE PEOPLE ARE BEING TAXED TO PAY FOR A CABAL GAME created by LAWYERS/LOBBYIST for WEALTH (corporate, inherited, sports and art) RULING WE THE PEOPLE.

  3. I REMEMBER WHEN Kyw was a really great news station. That really wasn’t that long ago.

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