Maskless Parents Cause Panicked Board To Call Police

Maskless Parents Cause Panicked Board To Call Police — A passel of protesting parents entered the Garnet Valley School Board meeting sans masks, Aug. 24, resulting in a call to police and the board members panically prancing from the room.

The Pennsylvania school district in suburban Philly passed a policy, Aug. 16, requiring all entering district buildings to wear masks.

The parents were pointing out that the policy wasn’t science-based. They were prepared to present evidence showing such, but, as noted, the board members panicked and pattered away.

Leah Hoopes, who was one of the parents and is one of our favs, says the policy is not just stupid but is counter-productive to health and education.

She notes that The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) describes significant contamination issues concerning masks and indicates they are ineffective if used improperly as they would invariably be.

“If this is about safety is Garnet Valley replacing the masks every time they are touched?” Leah said. “No because it’s the illusion of safety.”

Leah also points outs that hearing impaired children can’t read the lips of teachers wearing masks, a problem the district is pointedly ignoring.

“Garnet Valley spent $40,000 on resurfacing tennis courts ,tennis courts that were locked up in 2020, while they simultaneously told a mother of a hearing impaired child they wouldn’t pay for clear masks for the teachers so she could read lips,” she said.

A Daily Times story describes the number of protestors as between 30 and 40. Leah says it was 50.

One of the few bright sides about the pandemic is that our public schools are revealing themselves to be nowhere near as effective, or caring, as those who run them pretend they are. The possibility of reform progresses. Money should follow students not systems whose primary purpose seems to be providing six-figure pensions for the privileged. Vouchers would automatically shift the power balance to the parents from the bureaucracy.

Maskless Parents Cause Panicked Board To Call Police
Maskless Parents Cause Panicked Board To Call Police

4 thoughts on “Maskless Parents Cause Panicked Board To Call Police”

  1. Whoever called the police should be charged with filing a false report. No laws were broken at this meeting. The police were taken away from other possible emergences because the fools on this school board were afraid. Cowards. And these cowards are in charge of the decision-making when it comes to education? Utter Stupidity.

  2. I thought the Penn Delco school board had cowards among the ranks but this takes the cake. “maskless parents, abandon ship, abandon ship.” The entire GVSD board should resign in disgrace and the superintendent should be fired.

    Leah Hoopes is a strong woman, proud Patriot, excellent leader and someone I am proud to call friend. She is a true blessing in these dark times.

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