Medical-Industrial Complex Makes Finding Right Door A Problem

Medical-Industrial Complex Makes Finding Right Door A Problem

By Bob Small

For those of us trapped in old norms,  we have to rethink,  go to different ways of acting, thinking and speaking.  My previous norm was that there were males (including drag queens) and females.  There was Bi, Gay, and straight. There was the occasional adult Transexual and, to my shame, I never considered what bathrooom , of the two available possibilities, he/she would use.

Now the times and tides have changed.  It seems there are numerous High school Transexuals (more about that later), which has caused “issues:”

In Philadelphia, according to the Billy Penn Newsletter,  all schools must have an accessible gender neutral Bathroom (as of August) but not all do.

Medical-Industrial Complex Makes Finding Right Door A Problem

The great state of Illinois passed “The Equitable Restrooms Act with vote being unanimous in the Senate and 109-5 in the House. It was signed by Gov. J. B. Pritzker on July 29, 2019, which caused the Chicago Public Schools to announce on Twitter  that “all restrooms have been made mixed-sex to be “more inclusive” of students and staff who wish to use “facilities that align with their gender identity.

This is affecting Arizona, California, New York,  the UK,  etc. The Communist Party of the USA,  notes that “the forcible sex segregation of bathrooms is the newest struggle for transgender rights and gender expression.” in their diatribe under  The Socialist Party of The UK has my favorite Headline “  Tories Tout Toilet Tensions” (see

There are a half dozen more articles on this issue, but many high school students are transitioning, which leads me to the last topic;

Aetna Medical in their Requirements for Genital Reconstructive Surgery lists numerous criteria, prime of which is a person being 18 years or older.   They, and other Pennsylvania medical providers, generally agree on this, though  also saying they review  on a “case-by-case basis” . So why are there  so many Transitioning High School students?  My leftist paranoia brings up the phrase “medical-industrial complex”, with all the attendent industries that feed off of Transexuals. 

Three questions, then:

 One must be 18 to vote in Pa. and 18 to enlist (17 with parental consent), but younger to change your gender? 

 Why are there so many more transitioning teenagers in 2021 then ever before ?

 Is this a positive or negative development?  

Medical-Industrial Complex Makes Finding Right Door A Problem

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