Mitchell Rubin Gets Probation, Fine

Former Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Chairman Mitchell Rubin pleaded guilty,  today, Nov. 13, to commercial bribery before Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis.

Nine charges will be dismissed in his plea deal.

He will get a sentence of 24 months probation, with 100 hours of community service, and a $2,500 fine.

The charges were brought last year after an investigation by the state Attorney General and state police.

Rubin was appointed to the commission in 1998 and elected chairman in 2003.

He was closely associated with State Senate powerbroker Vincent Fumo, a Philadelphia Democrat who was convicted of defrauding the state and a nonprofit in 2009.

Rubin was charged in 2010 by federal investigators for obstruction of justice relating to the Fumo investigation.

Mitchell Rubin Gets Probation, Fine

Mitchell Rubin Gets Probation, Fine

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