Montco Protects Illegals, Ignores Disabled

Montco Protects Illegals, Ignores Disabled

By Elaine Mickman

I disagree with Montgomery County being a sanctuary city, yet nobody asked my opinion as a 38 year- tax-paying resident.

Maybe there needs to be more transparency for residents to know just how much sanctuary cities impact everyone, whether you are rich, poor, a child, senior, or adult, or disabled. Below my summary, I attached links describing the unavoidable slum to come, but the County is cutting and denying truly disabled and seniors who are in need of assistance because dollars are being diverted and used for illegal immigrants.

I have first-hand knowledge, and one of the sources I spoke to who handles complaints carefully stated that changes are being made with the funds for disabled. Most will pass-off SSI denial as typical and requiring an appeal or an attorney, but my son’s disability is typically approved. PA Rep. Cris Dush (R-66) also indicated in his e-mail that disabled are being denied resources.

My son is autistic and sought employment assistance from Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) for the last year. OVR is under the Department of Labor and Industry, and their stated mission is to assist those with disability to obtain employment. My son met the criteria and complied with every request they made, but they never assisted him with anything they promised after he completed about 9 months of many assessments, including working two-hour time slots at sites they requested without compensation. 

“Insult to injury”, they told me twice that his disability was impeding employment ability regardless that their mission is to get disabled employment, Yet they also refused to write a letter stating that they are unable to get him employment due to his disability, therefore he can not get Social Security Disability. The state and county are diverting dollars intended for disabled for the sanctuary city.

Montgomery County has been seeking recoupment of SNAP food stamps from disabled, seniors, and children.regardless that Governor Wolf pledged 2015 to NOT target vulnerable disabled and seniors.Medicaid approval is also being delayed or withheld from destitute citizens.

The sanctuary city is being funded at the expense of tax-dollars ear-marked for disabled residents, and diverted for illegals, including those whose 1st country out of their country is Mexico.The services intended to assist US and/or Pennsylvania disabled who are making their best effort to self-support are being reserved for illegals.The excessive illegal immigration is an economic burden for the tax-payers AND undue hardship for dependent disabled.

The best of “illegals” aren’t seeking the “American Dream”, rather they’re taking our hard-earned dream.

Does anyone know if the Governor made his County or “backyard” a sanctuary city? (Ed note: York County is not listed as a sanctuary city:

Below are links regarding other problems to come from the repercussions of sanctuary city. 

San Francisco poop map: real thing or a rumor?

2 thoughts on “Montco Protects Illegals, Ignores Disabled”

  1. Oh my goodness. I didn’t know that Montgomery county was a Sanctuary city.
    This has gotta stop. It’s going to ruin our well as our country.

  2. I did not know montco was a sanctuary city. Can you tell me since when and who voted for it.

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