More Signs Of Decline In Delco

More Signs Of Decline In Delco — Here are some more signs of decline in Delaware County, Pa. The below images are from SEPTA’s Route 101 Springfield Road trolley stop in Springfield taken this morning, Aug. 7.

Three days earlier we found blatant neglect at the Morton Homestead in Prospect Park.

From Wikipedia regarding Broken Windows Theory:

Under the impression that a broken window left unfixed leads to more serious problems, residents begin to change the way they see their community. In an attempt to stay safe, a cohesive community starts to fall apart, as individuals start to spend less time in communal space to avoid potential violent attacks by strangers.[1] The slow deterioration of a community, as a result of broken windows, modifies the way people behave when it comes to their communal space, which, in turn, breaks down community control. As rowdy teenagers, panhandlers, addicts, and prostitutes slowly make their way into a community, it signifies that the community cannot assert informal social control, and citizens become afraid that worse things will happen. As a result, they spend less time in the streets to avoid these subjects and feel less and less connected from their community, if the problems persist.

More Signs Of Decline In Delco

More Signs Of Decline In Delco

More Signs Of Decline In Delco

More Signs Of Decline In Delco

3 thoughts on “More Signs Of Decline In Delco”

  1. Another “sign” of the times we are living through. “They” are orchestrating the takedown of our country. “They” are implementing a plan decades in the making. “They” have infiltrated all levels of the government, schools, media and corporations. “They” are doing it right in front of our eyes and getting away with it because to many of us refuse to see what is happening. And, “They” will keep doing it until WE coalesce and put a stop to “Them.”

  2. Years ago, I suggested to Ridley Township that if a business owner closed, but has not sold the property within six months, that they take down the sign. This could be done by ordinance.
    For example, Array Appliances has been gone for at least 20 years, but the sign still stands today.
    New methods of signage could be of awnings with addresses placed on it or something that is not so obtrusive.

    Years ago they had a committee or suggesting one on the Beatification of MacDade Blvd. What happened to that? Haven’t heard anything about it since.

    Also, don’t sneeze while driving on MacDade, you run the risk of hitting a utility pole which in some cases, sits inches from the curb, with some at the curb.

    So with the removal of some unsightly signage may help clean up MacDade Blvd.

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