Obama Cuts Price On Campaign Stuff

Obama Cuts Price On Campaign Stuff — With presidential election 64 days away and on the eve of the Democratic Party National Convention, what does the Obama campaign do?

They announce a “summer sale” of campaign merchandise!!
That’s right! Those who sent a donation to the campaign sometime in the last year or so have gotten an email from BarackObama.Com saying “Summer’s Almost Over/ 25%  Off Storewide on all purchases of $10 or more with the code summersale”
What’s with the capitalist ploy Mr. President? You didn’t build that.
And you didn’t have to do this in 2008.
Here’s what it looks like:
Obama Cuts Price On Campaign Stuff

One thought on “Obama Cuts Price On Campaign Stuff”

  1. Here’s my advice to the ex-president. Put the stuff on an empty chair in the front yard and sell it at 90 percent off.

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