Obama Muslim Brotherhood Member?

It just keeps piling on for our President. First, a former commander of the Pacific Fleet has, for all intents, called him an Islamic mole and now it has been revealed that a major Egyptian newspaper has reported that he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama Muslim Brotherhood Member?

For those unaware, the Brotherhood is a movement whose slogan is Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish.

It took power in Egypt in 2012 with strong support from Obama before being overthrown in a popular revolution the next year.

The newspaper that made this claim on Aug. 30 is Al-Wafd and is the nation’s publication that is sympathetic to the Western ideal of liberty.

Whether Obama is an Islamic mole or member of the Muslim Brotherhood, it can’t be denied that he is an incompetent.  Ironically, this would be a good thing if he should actually be an Islamic mole. Still, let’s end our nation’s misery. Impeach him now. Biden 2015.

Obama Muslim Brotherhood Member?

One thought on “Obama Muslim Brotherhood Member?”

  1. Holy Kaka!
    Honey Badger has just learned that muslims are not allowed to use toilet paper.
    Does this mean the price of corn cobs in the Middle East has gone out of sight.
    Do we have any such believers working in our eateries?
    Are they forced to wash their hands before leaving the rest room?
    Never mind, Honey badger will just used toilet paper, wash his hands and eat in Chinese restaurants. The Chinese use toilet paper and wash their hands,

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