Pa Liquor Importation Ban Battled

Tri State Liquor Pa Liquor Importation Ban Battled
Shame upon shame if you know where this is. Rumor has it that the deals are better here than at the more yuppified Total Wine.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Joe Hackett (R-161) and Sen. Dominic Pileggi (R-9) have introduced bills that would end the penalty for bringing into the Keystone State liquor, wine and beer purchased elsewhere.

The law now provides for fines of $25 per bottle, cost of prosecution and 90 days in jail.

Both men represent constituencies on or very near the Delaware border and we suspect many, if not most, of their constituents know the address of Total Wine and Tri-State Liquors.

Pileggi notes that  attempt is not connected to the attempts to de-communize the Commonwealth’s liquor distribution system — which he describes as facing a “fundamental disagreement” in the legislature — and expects it to pass.

Still, Wendell Young IV, the well-paid head  of United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1776 who inherited his $292,765 job from his father, Wendell Young III, has come out against it so don’t expect a slam dunk.

Local 1776’s fiefdom includes the proles in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board distribution system.

 Pa Liquor Importation Ban Battled

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  1. Please list the legislators who have accepted donations (bribes?) from the UnitedFood and Commercial Workers Union Local 1776!

  2. The vast majority went to Democrats in 2014 with the big buy being that of Sen. Christine Tartaglione who represents the 2nd District which is in Northeast Philadelphia. She got four contributions of $30,000 and one of $2,500.

    House Republicans accepting money were Todd Stephens of the 151st District who took $200; Frank Farry of the 142nd District who took $1,000; Scott Petri of the the 178th District and who chairs the Ethics Committee and is vice chairman of the Appropriations Committee, $400; and Gene DiGirolamo of the 18th District who took two contributions of $1,000.

    Senate Republicans accepting money were Patrick Browne of the 16th District who took two contributions of $500; Robert “Tommy” Tomlinson of the 6th District who took $1,000; and Stewart Greenleaf of the 12th District who took two contributions of $1,000 both coming in the 7th cycle and received after the election as per the state Campaign Finance Website.

    Some other contributions of interest include Delaware County Democrat Margo Davidson, who now represents the 164th District House seat long held by Republican Mario Civera took $2,500.

    Democrat John Kane, who lost the 26th District Senate Race, took contributions of $5,000 and $1,000.

    You can do a search here:

    Just click the “Contributions Made” button and type in 1776 in the “Contributor Name” field.

    1. Okay, now how about a list of our stalwart legislators who contributions and gift from the teachers’ union

    2. So funny what a little money can buy you. Those not on list are on many others with donations from special interest.

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