Paycheck Protection Advances In Pa.

Paycheck Protection Advances In Pa.Paycheck Protection Advances In Pa. — Paycheck protection, which is a bill that would ban the automatic deduction of political donations from members of public employees unions in Pennsylvania, is going to the full floor of the State House.

The bill was reported from the House State Government Committee, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 16-9 with on a straight party line vote with all present Democrats against it.

SB 501 was passed, 26-23, by the State Senate on Oct. 14. Again, all Democrats voted against the bill joined by Republicans Stewart Greenleaf (12), Robert Tomlinson (6) and, from Delaware County, Tom McGarrigle (26) and Dominic Pileggi (9), who has since resigned to take a Common Pleas Court seat.

The bill is overwhelmingly supported by the people of the Commonwealth. Polls show that 67 percent want it including 59 percent of registered Democrats.

Democrat leaders — who invariably get the support of these unwilling contributions — rather cravenly claim that automatic political donations are no different than deducting for health insurance or pension plans.

The House is expected to pass the bill where it faces a likely veto by Gov. Wolf, a man who also gets his share of support from the automatic deductions.

Paycheck Protection Advances In Pa.



4 thoughts on “Paycheck Protection Advances In Pa.”

  1. It’s about time. In order to get this passed, it has to be moved on quickly while we still have elections pending.

    1. I’m embarrassed that my state senator, Lisa Boscola, voted against this. Embarrassed, but not surprised.

  2. To paraphrase Hillary, “What difference will it make?”. If they bring a bill and pass it in both houses, they are doing so for show only. They know Wolf will veto it. (Corbett would have signed it. That’s why they delayed until he was out of office.)

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