PennDOT Survey Seeks Feedback

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is requesting public comment for improving customer services through an online survey, reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

The survey is designed to collect public feedback on safety, education and mobility needs to help guide future mobile service development.

The brief survey asks participants to prioritize safety and mobility needs related to PennDOT areas, such as public transit and driver and vehicle services, says Cox. Participants will also share feedback on educational opportunities for interacting with the department.

Residents of Pennsylvania can take the survey here.

PennDOT Survey Seeks Feedback

PennDOT Survey Seeks Feedback

One thought on “PennDOT Survey Seeks Feedback”

  1. How about a survey on how the public feels about selling state stores,term limits, school choice, and school vouchers?
    Ask Pileggi how he feels about such things and to participate in a survey.

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