Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019 — Today, May 21, is primary election day in Pennsylvania. Poll hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019
Rebecca Warren for Superior Court

It’s an odd numbered year so on the ballot will be races for municipal offices, school board seats, and state and local judges.

Cross-filling is allowed in school board and county judicial races so voting for party recommended persons is advised in these matters if one is unaware of the candidates.

The most relevant state-wide race is for Superior Court judge. In the Republican Primary two seats are being contested for 10-year terms on the court which is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state. We strongly urge bullet voting for Rebecca Warren. Bullet voting means only voting for a single person despite being eligible to vote for another. Rebecca will not be appearing on most GOP sample ballots.

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019
Joe Gale

Concerning the Montgomery County Commissioner Republican Primary, we urge votes for Joe and Sean Gale.

Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Primary Election 2019”

  1. I thought it significant that Peck, in her latest radio ad, said that as a judge, she would “be a voice for those who have no voice.” That’s not the role of a judge. A judge applies the existing law. A judge is not an advocate.

    She goes on in the ad to say that she will defend the Constitution, both federal and Commonwealth.

    That told me that if she wrote the copy herself, then she doesn’t see the inherent contradiction. And if someone wrote the copy for her, she didn’t think very deeply about it before she cut the commercial.

    Either way, it made me think she’s just a hack, to whom getting elected is more important than executing the office.

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