Philadelphia Vote Fraud? Oh yes.

Democrat functionaries like Daylin Leach and Democrat Party propagandists like Annette John-Hall continue to attack Pennsylvania’s photo voter ID bill calling it unfair while wondering if vote fraud can ever be found.

Well, yes, oh you pursuers of banana republicdom. It can be.

Al Schmidt, party of that body’s permanent Republican minority,has unveiled a study “Voting Irregularities in Philadelphia County, 2012 Primary Election” which focused on cases in 15 of the city’s 1,687 election districts and found cases of double voting, voter impersonation, voting by non-citizens, and 23 cases of people who were unregistered to vote but nonetheless permitted to do so.

Note that this focused on just 15 out of 1,687 districts.
Note that this focused on just a primary election.
If don’t believe vote fraud happens in Philadelphia you must believe in Santa Clause.

Thank you Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) for Pennsylvania’s photo voter ID law. Philadelphia Vote Fraud? Oh yes.

Philadelphia Vote Fraud? Oh yes.

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