Philly Independents Equal To GOP

Philly Independents Equal To GOPPhiladelphia has three candidates in Tuesday’s (Nov. 3) mayoral race who are mounting the first significant independent campaigns since 1983.

They are Jim Foster, Osborne Hart and Boris Kindij. has a interesting story as to what motivates them and it can be found here.

For Kinij, a immigrant from Croatia, it is injustice. For Foster, a Germantown resident, it is corruption. For Hart, a Socialist, it is workers’ safety and the minimum wage.

In fairness, all three have about as much of a shot as winning as the GOP candidate Melissa Murray Bailey. Democrat Jim Kenney is almost certainly going to be the next mayor.

The Newsworks article reveals that there are as many independents registered to vote in Philly — about 100,000 — as Republicans. There are 800,000 registered Democrat voters.

While we do not advise people to register as independents in a close primary state like Pennsylvania, that fact that so many are insisting to do so is a strong argument to end closed primaries.

Hat tip Bob Small.

Philly Independents Equal To GOP

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