Post Primary 2016 Thoughts

Post Primary 2016 ThoughtsPost Primary 2016 Thoughts — Congratulations Mike Puppio and Pat Meehan, and kudos to Stan Casacio for getting into the arena.

Except for the top of the ticket, our choices did not do so well. Truthfully, the only one we are really upset about is Joe Peters loss to State Sen. John Rafferty (R-44) in the Pennsylvania Attorney General Republican Primary.

A win by Peters would have been a big win for the forces of truth, justice and light, and a big blow to the special interests and those who feel no qualm about looting the public treasury.

And even if Trump lost big, the results of a small committeewoman race in Chester County would still make today a good day.

Congratulations Donna Ellingsen for sticking it to the bullies.

And if one should be wondering we are 100-percent behind Pat Meehan for re-election this November.

Post Primary 2016 Thoughts


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