Potato Rosti Simple And Delicious

Potato rosti is a simple but surprisingly delicious dish that is perfect for Lent providing you choose the butter option rather than pork fat.

Potato Rosti Simple And Delicious
Potato Rosti and sour cream

Frankly the butter is better despite the pork fat being considered the 8th most nutritious food. We tried them both.

Boil three medium sized russet potatoes in well-salted water for about 15 minutes then let them cool in the fridge overnight.

Peel then grate them.

In an 8-inch pan, melt 4tablespoons of butter over low heat. Slowly stir in the potatoes and a teaspoon of salt. Cook them for about two minutes turning frequently. Gently mold them into a pancake — don’t press hard — that would hold its shape. Add two tablespoons of hot water and a little bit more butter, cover and cook for 12 or 13 minutes. Flip onto a plate — you know how to do that right– and enjoy with sour cream, or cream cheese or smoke salmon or what hits your fancy.

Potato Rosti Simple And Delicious

2 thoughts on “Potato Rosti Simple And Delicious”

  1. That’s a Kartoffelpuffer, a potato pancake!

    Mamachka Milana Shparber makes the best, up here at her Black Forest Deli.

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