President Obama Releases Hawaiian Certificate

President Obama Releases Hawaiian Certificate — President Obama, today, released his Hawaiian certificate of live birth which he had been refraining from doing since concerns were aired in the summer of 2008 regarding his eligibility to hold the office of the Presidency as per Article II of the Constitution.

And the document shows that he was born in Hawaii and hence eligible as he always claimed.

So, Mr. President, why the delay?

Regardless, thank you Mr. President and now we can begin addressing the big issues like $5 per gallon gasoline, the real unemployment rate which as of February was 22 percent, your military goals in Libya and Afghanistan; and our $14 TRILLION debt.

Donald Trump is now demanding that you release your college records, and in the name of leadership, you should probably do that.

I do agree with you, however, that that is not one of the big issues.

Believe me.

Every time I fill up at the pump what I’m thinking about you has nothing to do with your college records.


President Obama Releases Hawaiian Certificate


President Obama Releases Hawaiian Certificate

2 thoughts on “President Obama Releases Hawaiian Certificate”

  1. College records are important.

    The most effective step in solving all these problems is to get Obama out of the White House.

    To date, Obama has looked not only incompetant, but appears to be ignorant on many subjects. While the leftists have done terrific job in marketing this image of a smart guy, absent any actual facts, suspicions about his intellect are growing amongst not only independents, but some of the true beleivers.

    Releasing his college transcripts, as well as entry tests, applications, and decision route, would only cement a suspcions of being a dummy into he was a dummy all along.

    Incompetance is a good reason to base his expulsion.

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