Primary Election Day 2013

Tomorrow, May 21, is primary election day in Pennsylvania and as this is an odd-numbered year just about everything on the ballot will involve local or county races.

Remember, cross-filing is allowed for school board and judicial races so unless you are following things closely you’re probably best off following the sample ballot distributed by party workers in those races or you will wind up with someone whose philosophy is vehemently different than your own on your party’s ballot in November.

In the other races, where cross-filing is not allowed, if you are happy with what your party has been doing, well, follow the sample ballot. If not, though, maybe not.

The Springfield Patch has a summation for local and country races here:

In November, retention elections will be held for State Supreme Court
judges Ronald Castille, a Republican from Philadelphia, and Max Baer, a
Democrat from Allegheny County. Expect to see some noise made about that over the summer.

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