Rendell I-80 Toll Plan Wasted $24 Million

Ed Rendell’s failed plan to increase traffic snarls cost Pennsylvania taxpayers more than $24 million, according to Pennsylvania Independent.

The spending was done by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission between the passage of Act 44 in 2007 and April 6, 2010 when the plan to toll
Interstate 80 finally killed by the federal Department of Transportation.

Most of the money went to McCormick
Taylor, an engineering  firm based in Harrisburg, which billed $22 million for engineering work, traffic studies, and environmental impact assessments.

One thought on “Rendell I-80 Toll Plan Wasted $24 Million”

  1. That’s an aful lot of “consulting”.
    It would be interesting and quite revealing to detrmine how much thiss company,and the management and employees contributed to Rendellna other cronies campaigns!!!

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