Shapiro Wants His Secrets Secret

Shapiro Wants His Secrets Secret

By Bob Small

Due to the inability of our new governor, Josh Shapiro, to participate in any pre-election debates — he ran unopposed in the Primary and neither his campaign nor Doug Mastriano’s Campaign could agree on the details of a proposed debate– there were some unasked questions. One question he would of answered with a resounding no! would have been “will you disclose your inaugural donors.”

According to Philadelphia Metro, the Gubernator is not  legally required to disclose this information.

Whereas New York City and Philadelphia, along adjoining New Jersey, and Maryland and Virginia have such laws.   Aaron McKean, a lawyer who works for the DC-based Campaign Legal Center says “The whole goal here is to prevent corruption or even (my ital)  the appearance of corruption.”

He went on to say “Nobody is giving this money just for fun.”

Shapiro Wants His Secrets Secret
Man of many secret donors

Because Governor Shapiro’s inaugural committee was organized as a 501 (c) (4) he is not required to disclose the donor information. Many local arts organizations have been formed as a 501 c (3) and the law requires they must account for every dollar.  In a previous life, I was one of the persons who made these budgets match.  A big difference between a 3 and a 4.

Spotlight Pa has a great deal to say about Shapiro’s Secrecy.  I urge you to read the whole seven pages. Spotlight Pa. is a non-partisan newsroom connected with The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Patriot -News and other newspapers.y

Did you know that Shapiro asked his team to sign NDAs?

Pennsylvania’s previous governors, Corbett and Wolf released the name of private donors.

Meanwhile, The University of Delaware’s Biden Institute will not disclose its donors since Joe Biden became President.

Though this article is over a year old, there doesn’t seem to be any changes.

And yes, we do know who the corporate donors to President Trump were.

Shapiro Wants His Secrets Secret

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