Socialists Defend The Donald

Socialists Defend The Donald — Bob Small sent us a link to The Militant in which the 95-year-old publication that describes itself as “a socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people” strongly defends President Donald Trump in the name of justice and civil liberty.

“Dealing serious blows to constitutional freedoms, President Joseph Biden is using his Justice Department to escalate the Democrats’ drive to destroy former President Donald Trump,” writes Terry Evans. “For the first time ever, a sitting president — who is also a candidate for president — is using his office to try to indict his main rival for the White House and throw him into jail. The criminalization of  political differences is dangerous for working people. Defending the freedoms protected by the Constitution, and pushing back against the U.S. rulers’ drive to refurbish the FBI, are at the center of the class struggle today.”

It’s nice to know that old school liberals still exist.

Read the whole thing here:

Socialists Defend The Donald

Socialists Defend The Donald

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