Some Pa Gub Candidates Release Tax Returns

Neither Republican candidate had a problem releasing their income tax returns to the Philadelphia Inquirer as reported in yesterday’s story, and while Democrats Jack Wagner and Joe Hoeffel released their 1040s both balked at releasing supplementary forms.

Democrats Dan Onorato, the Allegheny County executive and State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, who represents the 8th District which includes large parts of southwest Philadelphia and southeast Delaware County, did not release their forms although they both said they eventually will.

Republican Tom Corbett and wife, Susan, made $215,568 in 2008 almost all of it from his salary of $145,529 as auditor general and her salary as vice president for development at the Gettysburg Foundation which works to preserve the battlefield. They gave $3,270 to charity.

Republican Sam Rohrer and wife, Ruth Ann, earned $83,650 in 2008 most of it from his $71,112 in salary as state representative for the 128th District, making him by far the lowest-earner on the ballot. The Rohrers are also the most generous reporting  $16,187 in charitable donations in 2008. Other 2008 income for the couple showed $17,213 in capital gains from the sale of a family farm and $1,012 in dividends and interest.

Wagner and wife, Nancy, showed an income of $132,548 in 2008. Wagner, the state auditor general, has a salary of $141,565 put retirement contributions put his reported income as less. The form he provided showed no charitable giving

Hoeffel and wife, Francesca, a nurse, reported $156,630 in income in 2008. Hoeffel was paid $86,000 by Montgomery County where he serves as a county commissioner. The returns also showed $12,499 in tax-exempt interest and $1,145 in dividends. As noted, he declined to provide information as to the source of the investment revenue. The Hoeffels reported giving $3.958 to charity in 2008.

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