St Joe Cowards Persecute Greg Manco

St Joe Cowards Persecute Greg Manco — Bob Small of Swarthmore sent us this link to a Philadelphia Weekly article about the plight of St. Joseph University math teacher Greg Manco.

Manco, who had taught at the school for 17 years, published this tweet on Feb. 17 questioning the wisdom of racial reparations.

St Joe Cowards Persecute Greg Manco

Manco was placed on paid leave and is under investigation for expressing this opinion.

The tweet had been circulated among the school’s activist community with instructions to contact the school administrators to demand Manco’s firing.

The problem isn’t the activist community. Spoiled activists will spoil. It’s their nature. They can’t help it. The problem is the school administration for not dismissing the complaints out of hand. Cowards will coward you might say but we should never tolerate cowards in school administration or any type of leadership role.

The St. Joseph administrators are clearly cowards. They must be replaced.

With regard to racial reparations, it is a disgusting racist concept that must not be merely questioned but dismissed out of hand.

Congrats to PW for good journalism and to Bob for letting us know about it.

St Joe Cowards Persecute Greg Manco

5 thoughts on “St Joe Cowards Persecute Greg Manco”

  1. The term “bullshit” is not befitting a teacher at a Catholic University of great renown. The rest of his tween is correct. As a Jewish-Irish-American, first generation White, I find it somewhat disturbing (BS) to realize I will never get reparations for my ancestors who died in the potato famine or the gas chambers, and nothing back for the tens of thousands of Irish indentured servants who had no wage, no rights, and were the first to toil in the cotton fields of the South until “free enterprise” owners decided the Irish were expiring too quickly and the British Caribbean plantations had proven that Black slaves lived longer in the hot climate.

  2. It is the cowards, in this case the school administration, who legitimize the nonsense put forth by the so-called “activists.” None of the reparations make sense. Italians were lynched in the South just as the Blacks were. I am Italian. I want reparations for me and all Italians.

    1. It’s not a mistake to take this effort seriously, but it is a huge mistake to give any credence to the morality behind it.

      This is a scam to get certain people — most of whom are not “black” — a lot of money.

      Approach it from that perspective the entire debate changes.

  3. The thought of reparations is the height of absurdity. I’d like to know how the moronic and sycophantic “powers-that-be” are going to determine the amount of each “reward” for individuals. Will they give everyone a DNA test and proportion the money (or whatever) in accordance with their “blackness?” The entire idea is too ridiculous to even contemplate. What can they be thinking? But then, it’s evident that those who are in favor of this do NOT THINK rationally.

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