Steve Barrar Statement Concerning Gas Tax Hike

Below is a statement sent by Rep. Steve Barrar regarding HB 1060 — the former SB1– which called for spending $2.4 billion in state spending on transportation projects will funded by an increase in the state gasoline tax along with hikes to various driver fees.

The final House vote came Nov. 21 and was 113 to 85 with a 64  Republicans and 48 Democrats voting aye, and 45 Republicans and 40 Democrats in opposition. Barrar was among the nays.

The day before the Senate voted, 43-7,  in concurrence with the House bill. Scott Hutchinson of the 21st District and Kim Ward of the 39th District were the only Republican dissenters. The Democrat minority went 17-5 for the bill.

Prior to the vote, Rep. Steve Barrar sent the statement to a member of the Delaware County Patriots.

“Thanks for contacting me about the SB1 transportation funding bill. I am opposed to this legislation and wanted to explain why I will vote against this bill today. Since learning even more about the numerous tax increases contained in the bill, I am determined to do all possible to defeat this bill unless there is an opportunity to amend it with language that will reduce the amount of the tax increases.

The tax increases in HB1060 the former Senate Bill 1 are excessive… 28.5 cent gas increase and .39 cent on diesel over 3 to 5 years will be hard for many people to deal with, plus the bill raises almost every fee there is at PennDot and places a $100 surcharge on traffic tickets. This bill will have a huge impact on small businesses and its inflationary impact is unpredictable.

The bill also allows counties to put on a $5 registration fee on every car in the county where you live. They can do anything they want with the money.

I have been out the past few months asking people and small business owner how they feel about this proposed legislation… over 80% have said no way would they support this bill. I stood at the WAWA last Sunday for 2 hours asking people about this legislation. I had a grand total of 1 person say they were OK with the bill. Most were surprised saying that they have not heard anything about a gas tax increase and many were very angry and demanded I promise to vote no for such a large increase.

I agree we need more money for transportation infrastructure, but we need a way to fund it that makes sense and reflects what we can afford !!! This bill hurts more then it helps and I can not support this proposal.

I appreciate your taking time to write me. If you need to discuss this further please contact me at 610-636-7924. Thank you!”

Stephen Barrar
Pa House of Reps.
160th Legislative District

District    / PA Representative    Yes    No
159    Thaddeus Kirkland (D)    X
160    Stephen Barrar (R)          X
161    Joseph Hackett (R)    X
162    Nick Miccarelli (R)    X
163    Nicholas Micozzie (R)    X
164    Margo Davidson (D)    X
165    William Adolph (R)    X
166    Greg Vitali (D)    X
168    Tom Killion (R)    X
185    Maria Donatucci (D)    X
191    Ronald Waters (D)    X


Visit for Steve Barrar Statement Concerning Gas Tax Hike
Visit for Steve Barrar Statement Concerning Gas Tax Hike


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