The Un Vax Tax Happening Throughout The World; America Beware

The Un Vax Tax Happening Throughout The World

By Bob Small

My Philly friend, one Scott Normal Rosenthal, relocated to Vermont where he sends me blasts of e-mails on a daily basis.  One of these, though in an adjacent country.

The Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, proposes that those adults who refuse to get vaccinated, must now pay a fine.  He wants these “refuseniks” to pay what he considers the increased cost on the health care system caused by thse unvaccinated.

It should be noted, that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, among others, has questions about this “tax”.  

Among other examples, a Quebecois father is being prevented from seeing his minor son due to being unvaccinated.  It should be noted that“Although nearly 90 percent of Quebec are vaccinated, they make up nearly a third of all hospital cases”.

According to Bloomburg News, these worrying sanctions are occuring throughout Europe;

Austria is planning mandatory vaccinations as of next month, with fines as high as 7,200 Euros ($8,151).

Greece is imposing a 100 Euro ($113) monthly fine on those unvaccinated and over 60.  In November, for example, only 60,00 among 580,000 of this population were jabbed.

Other countries, such as Finland and Slovakia,  are offering the carrot rather than the stick.  Slovakia is giving out 500 Euros ($573) to those over 60 recalcitrants.

The Un Vax Tax Happening Throughout The World

Lastly Lithuania does both, requiring Covid immunityu for any indoor venue.  However, they are also offering 100 Euros ($114.50) to anyone over 75 who gets a booster before March 31st.  For further examples, see These Countries Are Slapping the Unvaccinated With Fines …

Luckily, we live in these United States where neither the Federal Government would dare to dream of such a “Unvax Tax”.  And if they did surely it would go to a Court to be stopped while both online and offline writers fulminated, and tv and radio hosts spoke out against this.  Surely this would happen.  And anyway, don’t we trust the average American to know what a dictatorship is approaching, a “Faucism” to invent a combination word, and how to do non-violent resistance of whatever source they choose.  Surely, surely, surely.

As both Frank Zappa and Sinclair Lewis opined

“It can’t happen here”

The Un Vax Tax Happening Throughout The World

4 thoughts on “The Un Vax Tax Happening Throughout The World; America Beware”

  1. Masks, lock downs and experimental mRNA jabs with more and more “boosters” HAVE NOT WORKED to even slow down or protect individuals. This has been shown and even reported upon around the world, Israel has even gone to four boosters and this planned demic numbers are still rising again there so again an experimental failure, to control the masses. 80% of the hospitalized are “vaxed” many with these “booster shots”. Is this just another way to tax us more to pay the ultra rich and their One World Takeover scheme, English Canada, led by a now “sovereign” French Quebec already is forced to pay fast growing expensive Carbon Taxes to them, on top of the forced billions of dollars for this non Canadian Quebec to “rule us”. Ontario has gone hundreds of billions in debt to put in their fake green wind turbines and solar fields that only supply 5% of our now very expensive electricity? these few power hungry useless greedy already too rich are getting richer from us all while we all are paying for it?
    NO, save the countries people from their tyranny. The whole world needs your Pres. Trump back along with his kind of truthful thinkers back in power and the USA’s power more fairly leading the world again. Truth needs to be in the lead again, not the lies, fear and deceit being sold to us all, for the power and riches few’s gain, getting richer, even more deceitful and fear mongering all at our expense.

  2. Increasingly, the data shows the problems with the vaccines that aren’t vaccines. Too much data to ignore. Yet, governments are ignoring them. In fact, governments are doubling and tripling down on their efforts to force a drug into people. And we’re more than two years into this … shouldn’t this pandemic be weakening? Seems from the latest variant that it IS weakening. While it’s easier to transmit, omicron is not as virulent — if we’re to believe “the science.”

    How could people NOT be suspicious of the motive of pushing one treatment? And one treatment that has not stopped the virus — the number of deaths in the U.S. in 2021 surpassed the numbers in 2020 when there was no “vaccine.” Right? You might think we’re being lied to …

    But how could our government lie to its citizens? Mais non!

  3. I plan to march this Sunday in DC even though none of my friends nor my partner will go. I hope there are sufficient people there that the media cannot ignore us. However, I fully expect the media to ignore us, or to try to incite violence or something to smear us.
    Looking forward to hearing Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Malone, Bret Weinstein, RFK and others speak truth to power.
    RFK alludes to a video that everyone should watch, from 1976, when the media actually reported on crooked business and medical practices. Here is the link:

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