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  1. Oh I love this one, and those not paying attention, living their own lives won’t believe what is about to happen.
    I actually forgot with all the corruption and sick agendas going on in Canada, yup just like down there ole Canada is having too much sick action covering/hiding what is about to take place Nov. 01 2023 oh yes those paying attention should have remembered. The UN’s WHO takes over UN members health care silently hiding this. So our taxes for health will be paid to the UN etc. Our governments could have backed out of this globalist takeover but no, but if we push it this late will they?
    The UN will decide where and what countries get the money? Sure they will in Canada’s public system that already is so corrupt. The UN now decides about mandated experimental vaccines, lock downs, vaccine passports, what kind of care we all world wide will get and who will get it? Controlling our doctors, hospitals etc. Countries are almost gone with this passing?
    Believe it or not some doctors in England are still trying to get their politicians to block it these politicians if you can still call them that will not mention it in their Parliament. Oh and even twitter blocked this being reported on?

  2. And things are just going from bad to worse. Take a look at the new legislation from Harrisburg that should be called “The Steroid Injection for Act 77 Act.” Excerpted from Toni Shuppe’s recent posting at Audit The Vote PA:

    Last night, in the dead of night, the House pushed through SB224, Senator Argall’s bill on moving up the primary date. A shocking amendment was also introduced yesterday that added many items that will further deteriorate fair and secure elections in Pennsylvania.
    Just before the House adjourned for the night at approximately 11pm, another amendment on permanent mail balloting was introduced which passed.
    That means that TODAY the House will likely vote to pass this on third and from there, we can expect it to go to the Senate Rules committee for a vote, then out to the Senate floor for concurrence on the amendment.
    This ACT 77 all over again.
    Worse yet, the General Assembly has NOT been following many of the parliamentary rules, so while this process should take at least 48 hours to play out, it will likely be sooner.
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    2. Contact your Senators and tell them to vote “No” on this bill. No compromises.
    3. Share with them your knowledge of what this bill, with its current amendments does, and be sure to let them know your expectation of them. It is clear that someone in Republican leadership made a deal for voter ID and ballot logs but gave away so much that will destroy the fair, transparent, and secure elections.
    Summary of Changes
    • CREATES PERMANENT MAIL-IN VOTING LIST – anyone who applies for a mail ballot will be on permanent list unless the voter revokes that status.
    • ALLOWS THREE DAYS OF PRE-CANVASSING — includes opening envelopes and scanning ballots.
    • ANYTHING GOES BALLOT RETURNS – secrecy envelope is not necessary, no envelope, date is not necessary and curing will be mandatory.
    • DESTROYS PUBLIC RECORD ACCESSIBILITY – Broadened authority for the SOS to create procedures by directive to limit access to public records under the guise of, CONFIDENTIALITY. Including prohibiting access to CAST VOTE RECORDS, or ANY OTHER DATA COLLECTED, stored, or otherwise used in the election.
    • REMOVES MEANINGFUL ELECTION AUDITS – Removes the statistical sample, or the 2% audit from Election Code and leaves only risk-limiting audits determined by SOS
    • INCREASES COST OF CHALLENGE FROM $50 to $850 – makes elect petitions for recounts nearly impossible to file.
    Positive Sections Have Serious Flaws
    • In-Person photo ID but has such ridiculous exceptions that it is nearly meaningless and has no changes to the practice of sending mail ballots to people who have not been verified.
    • Requires chain of custody logs providing uninterrupted chain of custody for each ballot cast and each ballot storage container. However, the records would not be available to the public until AFTER computation and canvassing, with redactions permissible.
    • Absentee and mail ballot applications by mail must be received 10 days prior to election day now instead of 7. In person applications by 5pm the Saturday before the election.
    Big thank you to Jessica Wood for reading through all of this and staying up late to do it.

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