Top 10 Union PAC Recipients

Top 10 Union PAC Recipients — Elizabeth Stelle of Commonwealth Foundation has distributed a list of the top 10 recipients of government union political action committees.

U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty, Gov. Tom Wolf’s former chief of staff, is the top recipient, getting, $4.4 million. State attorney general candidate Josh Shapiro ranks second at $216,523. Top 10 Union PAC Recipients

This political money is collected and sent to the government unions using publicly funded payroll systems. No other organization gets this special perk.

Here is the top 10 recipients.

Katie McGinty $4,443,586*
Josh Shapiro $216,523
Rob Teplitz $187,500
Mike Hanna $164,350
Frank Dermody $163,500
Joe Markosek $119,000
Vincent Hughes $118,500
Eugene DePasquale $113,300
Linda Weaver $108,500
Leanne Krueger-Braneky $102,915

* Includes expenditures in support of McGinty or in opposition to Toomey

Source: Pennsylvania Department of State, “Campaign Finance Online Reporting,”; Federal Election Commission, “Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal.”

Remember when you vote today that this money is not free. The recipients have to pay it back somehow.

Nearly 70 percent of state voters support requiring government unions to collect their own political money. It’s time for the state Legislature to prioritize paycheck protection legislation and stop government from collecting political contributions.

Top 10 Union PAC Recipients

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  1. Marty Molloy, the Senate candidate in the 9th District which includes Delaware County should be on this list. His campaign finance report lists $100,000 just from SEIU. Plus he got a lot of money from the Plumbers, PSEA, AFL-CIO and others.

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