TSA Agents Get Soft Sentence For $40 G Theft

Coumar Persad, 44, and  Davon
Webb, 31, pleaded guilty Jan. 10, to stealing $40,000 from a passengers suitcase at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The pair were eight-year veterans of the TSA force at JFK.

They were sentenced to six months in jail and
five years’ probation.

The theft of $40,000 is considered grand larceny in New York. The maximum sentence range for the crime is four years to 25 years.

Way to send a message New York. And do you really think that was their only theft?

It’s time to abolish the TSA and let airlines be responsible for their own security. The airlines have an even stronger incentive than the government to keep their planes from being hijacked and their passengers killed, but unlike government-paid people they also have a strong incentive for their passengers to be treated with respect and dignity.

What the government should do are things like making sure people don’t overstay their visas.

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