Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event –Rampant vote fraud in Delaware County, Pa. was evidenced yet again when Audit the Vote Pa appeared in Aston yesterday evening (Sept. 1).

About 60 persons crowded the lower room of Gatsby’s Bar & Grill on Pennell Road to hear Toni Shuppe and Karen Taylor explain the problems and solutions.

Mrs. Shuppe said a canvass of the county by election integrity volunteers found that 30 percent of the homes surveyed had phantom registrations which means more voted from the home than were registered.

She said it’s a county’s choice to place the famously insecure drop boxes and not a mandate by the state. Delco has chosen to place 42.

Will they be monitored by county cameras? Mrs. Shuppe said it is a priority to make sure they do. Other interesting ideas were also suggested by the enthusiastic audience.

Mules beware.

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event
Hatfield, Montco Committeewoman Sandra Levin with Toni Shuppe

She said even an extremist government like Delco’s can be pressured by the citizenry to do the right thing. She cited Allegheny County which has cut its drop boxes to one after angry people swarmed the meetings.

She said educating the public was a key to secure election. She, like Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, said poll watchers have legally defined powers and must be strong enough to stand up to intimidation. She said judges of election have the legal power to count ballots themselves.

She revealed that the order to stop counting ballots on Election Night 2020 came directly from Pennsylvania’s Democrat-controlled Department of State.

The meeting was sponsored by Delco Conservatives, and in attendance were many committee people and election officials. A Montgomery County woman said she found a 12th drop box in Montco despite the county claiming to have placed just 11. She says they removed it after angry citizens contacted the commissioners.

Montco’s token Republican commissioner, Joe Gale, has been worthless on election integrity matters, one woman said.

Positions for election officials were being filled in Haverford Township by people who didn’t live there, a woman said.

Cameras weren’t set for the drop box in Aston, a man said.

Delaware County GOP lawyers ignored reported problems, a woman said.

Another woman said she sought a lawyer to help expose violations she saw occurring. None, however, would take her case saying the county powers-that-be would try to strip them of their law license.

Atticus Finch does not practice in Delco it seems.

All in all, though, it was an upbeat meeting attended by decent, courageous and indomitable people.

The county Republican establishment should take note albeit one wonders if they’ve become content living soft in second place.

Those wishing to volunteer to help with the Nov. 8 election can sign on at Audit the Vote’s website or with the Delco Conservatives.

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event

2 thoughts on “Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event”

  1. Not only is there no camera on the drop box in front of the Aston Township building on Pennel Road (state route 452) the Aston Township board of commissioners let the roof of that building leak so bad it was abandoned and condemned. Yet, they borrow money to purchase license plate reader type cameras to spy on the citizenry while allowing the drop box to remain unattended.

    Abject failures who must and will answer to the voters in next year’s municipal election. This township is in the clutches of a small number of people who have centralized power and in some cases hold more than one elected position within the township and some of them reward themselves with additional jobs. Cronyism and nepotism is rampant in this supposedly conservative GOP stronghold. Nothing but RINOs.

    The corruption ends next year.

  2. Update. It appears there IS a camera near the unattended drop box location at the abandoned township building.

    But heres the rub, it’s solar powered. Does it function at night? Is there a battery backup or other power source? Are there unsecured WiFi or Bluetooth radios transmitting information? Does anyone care?

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