How-To Write-In Pennsylvania

We have gotten requests to provide write-in how-tos for other Pennsylvania counties in light of the GOP primary gubernatorial campaign of Bob Guzzardi.

Guzzardi is actually on the ballot in several counties due to the delay in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling on his campaign so if one is fortunate to live in one of those simply hit the button by his name.

If, however, you have to write in his name some machines such as the Danaher 1242 which is in use in Bucks, Delaware and Philadelphia counties require you to use a pen so make sure you bring one.

Others, including Montgomery County and parts of Chester County, use machines made by Election Systems & Software (ES&S) that allow the write-in name to be typed in via a keypad. In Montco’s case it is the Sequoia Advantage DRE that provides this feature while in Chesco it is the ES&S iVotronic.

Chester County’s website also list the use of the ES&S M100 Paper-Ballot Scanner System in which case a pen will be needed.

A tutorial on Montgomery County’s system — including the write-in process can be found here with the write-in description starting at 1:20.

A tutorial on the write-in procedure of the ES&S iVotronic can be found here.

A tutorial on the the ES&S M100 can be found here.

A tutorial on the Danaher 1242 can be found here.

If in doubt bring a pen on May 20.


Bob Guzzardi How-To Write-In Pennsylvania

How-To Write-In Pennsylvania to vote for Bob Guzzardi


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