Write-in How-to For Delaware County

Bob Guzzardi Write-in How-to For Delaware CountyWrite-in How-to For Delaware County

The Pennsylvanian Supreme Court, May 1, threw Bob Guzzardi off the Republican gubernatorial primary ballot in a bizarre decision based on a picayune reading of the letter of the law that ignored the spirit of it.

It was hypocritical — dare we say corrupt? — in that if his opponent had made the same error it is unimaginable that he would have been thrown off.

Still Guzzardi has not ended his campaign. He remains on the ballot in several counties due to the delay in the court’s decision and votes for him on those ballots will count for him.

In the counties where he is not on the ballot — and this apparently includes Delaware County –he is asking for write in votes.

The write in votes are easy. In some counties the machines have keypads that allow you to type in the name.

In Delaware County, which uses the Danaher Shouptronic machine, you have to write in the name with a pen. Make sure you bring one. We plan to bring two, a ballpoint and a Sharpie just to make sure.

The name to write in is Bob Guzzardi.

The video below includes a demonstration as to how to do a write-in vote in Delaware County.


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