E-Z Pass Eyes Speeders

Something of which some may be unaware is that E-Z Pass keeps track of toll lane speeds.

This has been confirmed as occurring in five of the 15 states that use E-Z Pass, reports USA Today. The quintet of nannies is  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York,  Maryland and Rhode Island.

The toll lane speed limit is generally a 30 mph limit.

Those caught speeding multiple times have their accounts suspended.

As of now only those caught chronically speeding in their own states are subject to suspension as the system, while it can can credit the transponders of out-of-state drivers, does not allow access to other information about them.

We always suspected Big Brother could be spelled E-Z Pass. Our preference is to simply end all attempts to charge for using highways. Let the gas tax suffice for maintaining the infrastructure of which there would be less to maintain if there were no toll booths. The would also mean more entrances and, especially, exits hence more a more efficient traffic system.

E-Z Pass Eyes Speeders

E-Z Pass Eyes Speeders

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