Election Not Over; Vote Fraud Charges, Changes Loom

Election Not Over; Vote Fraud Charges, Changes Loom — The media has declared Joe Biden president and celebrations are occurring in the anti-Trump world, which it should be noted includes China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela.

The media can’t name the president, however. The only way one can call Biden president-elect in a way it means something would be if President Trump concedes or when the electors vote.

President Trump is not conceding. His attorney Rudy Giuliani has announced that 500,000 possible fraudulent votes have been found in Pennsylvania which would overwhelmingly change the outcome.

These votes were counted in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in violation of the law as Republican observers were excluded. Rudy says he has 50 witnesses, four of whom spoke at a just-ended press conference, willing to testify as such. He said this is only type of theft found and others are being pursued. He said similar suits will be filed in other states.

Buckle your seatbelts.

Here is Rudy’s press conference, which you likely missed as the media called the race for Biden just about the time of its scheduled start. Rudy takes the podium at about the 20 minute mark:

Election Not Over; Vote Fraud Charges, Changes Loom
Not over by a long shot
Election Not Over; Vote Fraud Charges, Changes Loom

3 thoughts on “Election Not Over; Vote Fraud Charges, Changes Loom”

  1. How scary can it get with 92% of the bought out lefty media supporting and protecting these democrats, in Canada our lefty government pays the media with our tax dollars for supporting them and demonizing Conservatives. They really spew hatred at Pres. Trump up here in our lieberal destroyed country, but many Canadians wish we could have him as our strong leader, while others stupidly believe the lies from the media? I believe that the gloom and doom, and responsible for massive deaths, the Chinese communist controlled UN and all their groups maybe own most of the media now. As they seem to control our puppet foreign Crime Minister and have given him a lot of money as has many other foreign groups we do not have an impeachment policy unfortunately he has been declared unethical 3 or more times, but we have no transparency to see the results and the press protects this. Our freedom of speech is declining, like yours will if the democrats win, like everything else will.
    President Trump is worth fighting for, I hope your law and order is still working Federally, cause ours is not. I am praying hard for the USA’s people to win and keep Pres. Trump.

    1. Thank you so much. We know he is a treasure. With this victory, perhaps others will be inspired to stand up for their rights. God bless you!

  2. Honestly, there needs to be a recount of votes in all 50 states. This election has been a fiasco for both sides of the aisle. While we turned out the vote, the Democrats had a plan to run up the score. It will come back to bite Democrats in 2022.

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