Joe Frazier Backed Biden?

Joe Frazier Backed Biden? — One of the saddest things I learned today was that my childhood hero, Smokin’ Joe Frazier voted for Joe Biden.

Joe Frazier Backed Biden?
Say it ain’t so Joe

It was especially heartbreaking as Joe was a lifelong Republican. Granted, Joe’s life ended in 2011 but it still hurts.

In fairness, we haven’t been able to find confirmation on Pennsylvania’s Election Ballot Status checker that Joe voted. We used the 01/12/1944 birthdate from Wikipedia, and Philadelphia and the ring counties.

Update: Looks like Joe didn’t vote for Biden. Rudy Giuliani, on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures this morning (Nov. 8) said it was the 2018 election in which Smokin’ Joe voted. He was citing it as an example of Philadelphia’s history of vote fraud, not something that will be in the lawsuits he is filing.

Joe Frazier Backed Biden?

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