Election Results 2015

The people of Pennsylvania have elected the brother of a notorious union boss to the top court along with two other Democrats. Election Results 2015

As of 11:08 p.m., Nov. 3, with 77. 7 percent of the vote counted Kevin Dougherty, the brother of John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty,  was the top votegetter with 956,119 followed by David Wecht with 951,658 votes and Christine Donohue with 936,016 votes.

Three seats were up for election.

The Republican tallies were Judith Olson, 762,113; Michael George, 683,043 and Anne Covey, 680,607.

Independent Paul Panepinto had 126,976 votes.

The ideologue Democrats will have a 5-2 majority on the bench. Terms are for 10 years.

The Democrat ticket overwhelmed the Republicans in Philly. Their tallies in the city as of this writing were Dougherty, 198,410; Donohue, 161,267 and Wecht, 158,392 verses the Republican totals of Olson, 27,454; Clovey, 19,423; George, 19,343.

Also winning were Democrats Alice Dubow who beat Emil Giordano for Superior Court judge and Micahel Wojcik who beat Paul Lalley for Commonwealth Court judge.

Closer to home the news was better.  Republicans Dominic Pileggi, Anthony Scanlon and Margaret Amoroso easily won election to Delaware County Common Pleas Court over Larry Abel and G. Lawrence Demarco. Scanlon was on both ballots.

And just as easily, Colleen P. Morrone, John P. McBlain and Michael Culp all won re-election to Delaware County Council over Richard R. Womack, Christine A. Reuther and Sharon J. Booker.

Jack Whelan was not opposed for re-election as District Attorney.

Lisa Esler, who ran a write-in campaign last summer for the vacant 161st District seat was easily re-elected to her Penn Delco School Board.

And Joe Gale, who tweaked party bosses for an unexpected Republican Primary win last May, appears to have repeated the trick winning the minority county commissioner seat.  Montgomery County guarantees one seat on the board to the minority party. Democrats Josh Shapiro and Val Arkoosh easily won control of the board getting 96,838 and 88,608 votes respectively. Gale finished third with 65,428 votes while party-endorsed Steve Tolbert Jr. had 62,326.

Sen. Scott Wagner (R-28) reported on Facebook that Guy Reschenthaler flipped a vacant seat in the 37th Senate District. This would increase GOP control of the body to 31-19.

Let it be noted that with Pileggi’s victory in his judicial race a special election looms to fill his 9th District state senate seat.

And congrats to Lenore Bruno who won a squeaker in her 4th Ward Plymouth Council race.

Election Results 2015

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  1. I don’t think that’s what Ben Franklin had in mind. He warned us: We gave you a democracy ==if you can keep it.

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