Potato Chip Tomato Dip Salad

Potato Chip Tomato Dip Salad

Potato Chip Tomato Dip Salad — You’re desperate. The tomato plants in the garden are exploding fruit and you can’t give it away fast enough. You hate to see it go to waste. You chop up an onion and throw it a large bowl with as many tomatoes as you can. You add vinegar (red wine in this case) and olive oil in 2 to 1 ratio with some spices. Salt of course is necessary. We also included red pepper, powdered garlic, basil and oregano. How much? We eyeballed it.

Mix it and let it sit. Yum. It seems to last about a week staying enjoyable.

You’re hungry. The salad isn’t going to do it by itself. You need carbs. Hey, an idea. Open up a bag of potato chips and dump some in a soup bowl. Put the salad on top. Mix it. It’s good.

A less trailer-parkish thing would be to use beans. Best to let them soak a while in the salad before consuming, though. Canned beans work great. You don’t need to cook them but you should drain and rinse them. What kind of beans? You pick it.

Or just open a bag of chips.

Potato Chip Tomato Dip Salad

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