Powerful Pennsylvania Republicans Being Primaried

Powerful Pennsylvania Republicans Being Primaried — Powerful Pennsylvania incumbents have Republican Primary challengers, May 17, and we are pushing for the challengers.

Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler is facing Anne Weston, a chiropractic assistant from Quarryville, in the 100th Legislative District; John Lawrence, who is seeking his seventh term in the 13th Legislative District is facing Carmela Ciliberti, an attorney and regulatory compliance manager; and Senate Republican Caucus Secretary Ryan Aument is facing Mike Miller, a business owner and investment advisor, in the 36th Senatorial District.

The incumbents mouth the “conservative” platitudes they’ve been mouthing since starting their long careers but are far more interested in their power, per diems and pay than having what they claim to be their wants turn into reality.

Ms. Ciliberti boldly calls out Lawrence for this. (See screen shot.)

And they have been silent regarding the big elephant in the room that is election integrity.

Yes, the Senate attempted to audit the Dominion machines in Fulton County but it has been crickets since the state Supreme Court shot it down last week in a baldly partisan ruling.

“Well I guess that’s it then,” you can almost hear them doofusing.

Free clue: When the other side stops playing by the rules, the rules don’t exist.

Where are the outraged press conferences? Where are the angry speeches on the floors of the House and Senate?

Hey, how can you be angry when you are collecting $95G for what is basically a part-time job? Believe it or not, they have it set up so they don’t have to vote to get a raise.

Where are the brave and wise solons demanding that our voting machines and affiliated software be considered public property, and that certified ballot counting observers never be kept from observing counting?

They certainly aren’t in Harrisburg.

Vote for the new kids.

Carmela Ciliberti’s charges against John Lawrence. Click to expand
Powerful Pennsylvania Republicans Being Primaried

2 thoughts on “Powerful Pennsylvania Republicans Being Primaried”

  1. The only way to make a difference is to get different people in office. You are so right, Bill. It is imperative that we “vote for the new kids.”

  2. I had hopes that new state Republican leadership would stress the need to identify and recruit the very best candidates throughout the state, tasking and energizing even local R committees to actively search for ethical, talented local Republicans to run for seats on everything from school boards to township and county offices, etc. You identified several outstanding new candidates, true patriots who are ready to act on behalf of the public first and foremost. I am truly grateful they have stepped up! But, until there is a Republican-Party-of PA-imperative to find fresh new faces and talent beyond the several you mentioned, too many ballots will reflect names of the same, tired retreads. Worse (witnessed in our US Senate primary field?), lack of great candidates (especially for major offices) creates voids into which monied special interests come rushing, compliant candidates in tow…are these the candidates interested in serving the public? Shouldn’t recruiting to fill elected government office be approached with the seriousness it deserves? Is THIS where the party system fails us? BTW, look at some of your “favorite” Congressional progressives if you want to see the outcome of special interest money funneled into elections.

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