Right And Left Have Surprisingly Much In Common

Right And Left Have Surprisingly Much In Common

By Bob Small

At the annual Bill of Rights Dinner, Dec. 15, in Lancaster County — not to be confused with any ACLU commmemoration — I jotted information from various groups with the intent to research them. 

One lesson I’ve learned in my previous and current time in the Lefting, is that you can support a group if you agree with their main goal(s), even if not all of their 75 sub-goals.  This applies to any group I support unless their sub-goal is bringing back slavery or becoming a subject state of Communist China.

The Proud American Patriot Network of Warwick, Pa .  has a goal to elect “at all levels of government of candidates who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of  Independence, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights”. They also support small business over large corporations, term limits for Congress members, and US manufacturing. 

Right And Left Have Surprisingly Much In Common

These are all goals we, left or right, can agree with.

Another component they have is a disaster response team, which is a fairly unique team for a Political Organization to have,  Again, we should all be able to support this.

On to some more questionable efforts, to some people, would be their Kyle Rittenhouse National Scholarship. My support for Kyle has been unashamedly public and a source of controversy among some of my friends, so this depends on how you view Kyle

As to their previous support of the Three Percenters, President T. J. Kosin said that when he realized that disaster relief was not their mission. “the relationship ended”.

When you learn new information, then that is the time to change your opinion and/or your affiliations: Proud American Patriots presidents shares beliefs

 Lastly, they are anti mask mandates, and will probably be in DC on Jan. 23.  While I, personally, choose to wear a mask in certain settings (esp, in high-risk areas like Swarthmore).  I don’t believe in mask mandates, or in most mandates that are discussed,  My more feminist friends wonder if they should be called persondates, but that’s a discussion that may never have its time.

Right And Left Have Surprisingly Much In Common

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