GOP Bosses Tap Obama Supporter To Take On Casey

The Pennsylvania Republican establishment, Saturday, Jan. 28, overwhelmingly endorsed a Chester County reputed Obama-supporter to take on incumbent Democrat Bob Casey in this fall’s U.S. Senate race.

Steve Welch, a  businessman who has never held elected office, received 182 votes before the GOP State Committee. Coming in second was coal industry executive Tom Smith with 51 votes. Following them were  Washington County businessman and erstwhile 12th District congressional candidate Tim Burns, 47 votes; former state representative and gubernatorial candidate Sam Rohrer with 33 votes; and Dauphin County attorney and former Sen. Rick Santorum staffer Marc Scaringi with 6.

Candidates Laureen Cummings, Dave Christian, John Kensinger and Robert Allen Mansfield did  not submit their names for consideration.

Welch  was a candidate for the GOP nomination for the 6th Congressional Seat in 2010 until Jim Gerlach decided he would run for re-election. Welch’s endorsement was strongly pushed by Gov. Tom Corbett. It is being widely reported that Welch changed registration  to vote for Barack Obama in Pennsylvania’s 2008 primary election — which he is not denying — and  hosted a fundraiser or something for liberal Democrat congressman Joe Sestak in 2006.

The endorsement does not mean Welch will be the nominee. That will be decided at April 24’s primary election.

Hopefully, the good guys get on the same page and keep the vote from being split. Otherwise look for a lot of people voting third party this fall. What is the point of the Republican Party anyway? Graft for us rather than Dems?

In the meantime, Sam Rohrer is holding a meet and greet  8 Wednesday morning (Feb. 1)  at Parc Restaurant and Bistro 227 S. 18th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103;  and a town hall 7  that night at Knights of Columbus Mater Dei Hall,
327 N. Newtown Street Road, Newtown Square, PA 19073 in Newtown Township.

PSEA Republicans

PSEA Republicans — Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi has compiled a list of Republican legislators that have accepted contributions from the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA).

The PSEA is the union that represents most public school teachers in the state and, ironically, is very likely the most anti-child, anti-education and anti-senior citizen organization in the state.

Here is Bob’s list — with his comments — of those who accepted contributions in 2010, which was the last legislative election year:

Senator Dominic Pileggi Senate Majority Leader what does that tell you?


Sam Smith Republican Speaker of the House

Republican House Majority Leader Mike Turzai.

Bill Adolph Chair of House Appropriations Delco  elected in 1989

Matt Baker northeast Penna

Karen Boback – she is major recipient of PSEA money and a former school teacher.

Mike Vereb  Montgomery County – He is in House leadership.

Chris Ross – from southern Chester County, very, very liberal

Marguerite Quinn  Bucks County, part of BucksCo Establishment as you know

Nick Micozzie   Uber Hack Delaware County, entrenched and entwined with Establishment. Has been in office since 1979.

Rick Geist  Transportation Committee Chair  Blair County has been in office since 1979 also

Bernie O’Neill from Bucks, like Marguerite Quinn

Gene DiGirolamo of Bucks County  integral to unions and O’Neill/Quinn BucksCo RINO Republican

Glenn Grell   Cumberland County

Jim Marshall   defeated Mike Veon

John Taylor Philadelphia, need I say more

Denny O’Brien  another Philadelphia phony R

Ron Miller  this is a shock. He is supposed to introduce Right to Work Republican York County

Senator Jake Corman, chair of Senate Appropriations Committee and interested in running for US Senate against Bob Casey.

Senator John Rafferty Chester DelCo closely allied with Sen. Pileggi

Senator Pat Browne Lehigh County

Senator Stewart Greenleaf Montgomery County very nice man, very well intentioned man AND very, very liberal man

Senator Ted Erickson DelCo and very close ally of Senator Pileggi

Note the number in leadership positions.

And some wonder why even with Republicans in charge we can’t end fire bad teachers or end teacher strikes.

Thank you, Bob. Click here for a link to Bob’s file where he includes his sourcing.

Or you can do your own search at

Remember to set search type to “Contribution” and to manually set the date range.

PSEA Republicans

PSEA Republicans

Wisconsin Appears To Remain In GOP Hands

Wisconsin Appears To Remain In GOP Hands — Reports indicate that Republicans won four of six recall elections, Aug. 9, keeping the state in Republican hands.

Unions spent millions in an an unprecedented attempt to take back the state for the Democrats after legislation was passed earlier this year restricting collective bargaining that had nearly bankrupt the state.

A Democrat won a recall election last month. Two more Democrats face recall elections next week.

Wisconsin Appears To Remain In GOP Hands

Changing Political Narrative Must For GOP

Changing Political Narrative Must For GOP — It’s being said with regard to the budget debate that the Republicans own the facts i.e. the country will go bankrupt if we don’t cut spending, while the Democrats own the narrative i.e. if you cut spending you hate children, women, poor people, whoever.

So let’s change the narrative to reflect the facts.

The vast majority of the people who vote Republican want everybody to have food and shelter and clothes and health care. This includes children, woman and poor people.

Many of the Republican legislators feel the same. I believe Congressman Pat Meehan, who represents Pennsylvania’s 7th District, falls in this category as does Sen. Pat Toomey.

So what must be explained is where it is that food and shelter and clothes and health care come from so children et al can continue to get it.

A good way of illustrating this is to make those who are claiming to care the most back up their words with deeds.

If Nancy Pelosi says the poor are starving why don’t we ask her to grow
her own corn, harvest it, then truck it down — by herself — to the poor neighborhoods where she can just give it away. Or maybe we can just ask Barbara Boxer to get StarKist Tuna to provide the food out of its sense of social justice.

And of course Harry Reid should be more than willing to quite his soft job of spending other people’s money to become a doctor (okay, maybe a nurse’s aide) and donate all his time and effort into curing the ills of the poor for free, of course, or maybe for a just a chicken from the yard or a token of costume jewelry like the kind doctors working among the poor do in movies. Right?

And why didn’t  Reid work for free in his jobs as a lawyer or casino consultant or isn’t working for free as a senator?

The narrative should be that people who go into government are exponentially more greedy and lazy than people who go into business.

It would certainly fit the facts which is that our debt will be near $15 trillion at year’s end and our deficit is at $1.6 trillion which means that the poor in this country will soon be joined in their economic status by many of those who are now middle class unless drastic action is taken.

Kind Republicans, Greedy Dems

Kind Republicans, Greedy Dems — Thinking Americans have long known that those inclined to vote Republican are far, far, far more generous in giving to charities than those who vote Democrat.

Unthinking Americans, of course, don’t believe this. Of course, unthinking Americans are the ones who vote Democrat.

Conservatives give about 30 percent more in charities than the self-righteous, self-centered “progressives” if you should not feel like clicking on the above link to the source.

This is most glaring in their political leaders. Gigolo John Kerry is known for having a year in which he did not make a charitable contribution and the Obamas, Joe Biden and Al Gore are also known for being notably stingy, unlike the Bushes or even Rush Limbaugh.

Charitable giving is going to be the subject of tonight’s Stossel which airs at 9 and midnight on Fox Business Channel.

On a related note, Democrats are far more likely to believe in extraterrestrials than Republicans . If ET does show up, however, expect it to be a conservative Tea Party guy who lends him the phone to make that call.

Kind Republicans, Greedy Dems

Kind Republicans, Greedy Dems

GOP Can Get Black Votes

GOP Can Get Black Votes — Commentator Larry Elders has some wise advice to Republicans about how to break the monolithic support black voters give to the Democrat Party.

“Republicans need to ask blacks, ‘Are you better off?’ Are blacks better off sending their children to assigned government schools — as demanded by the teachers unions and the Democratic Party?” he said at FrontPageMag.Com .

He said politicians from both parties treat blacks like children.

“When a Republican addresses a black audience, you can make book on how long it takes before he refers to Martin Luther King Jr.,” he said.

He said  Republicans can never win a referendum on empathy.

“Nobody can “feel your pain” like a spread-the-wealth, entitlement-expanding, “close-the-inequality-gap”leftist,” he said.

Elders said the struggle for civil rights is over and the good guys won.

“The battle now is against wrongheaded ‘compassionate’ policies,” he said. “But the most important issue — by far — is education.”

He noted that black and Hispanic inner-city voters supported a unsuccessful school choice referendum in California.

Recent movies like The Lottery and Waiting For Superman show his thinking is on solid ground.

Elders is a reluctant Republican. He was registered in California as “declined to state” until 2003 when he moved to R to support the War on Terror.

“I am a Republican with a capital ‘R,’ and a libertarian with a small ‘l’,” he has said. “I have a party membership as a Republican, not because they have any principles but because that’s the way I am the most useful and have the most influence.”

Sounds like a reasonable outlook.

Oh, and for those who don’t feel like clicking the link , Elders is a black guy.

 GOP Can Get Black Votes

GOP Cred Board Says Philly Needs New Election

“Numerous irregularities” in the elections conducted by the Philadelphia County Republican Committee have  led the state Republican Credentials Committee, in an unanimous vote, to declare the seat of Philadelphia County party chairman vacant until a new election is held.

The action was taken in response to a challenged filed by Kevin Kelly after the Philly Republicans picked Vito J. Canuso as party head in a bizarre June 9 proceeding in which the party establishment declared him the winner in a 42-12 vote. Kelly said the actual vote was 21-18 for Al Schmidt.

On June 17, he told the Delaware County Patriots , an area Tea Party organization, that  the irregularities included the old guard’s refusal to seat several newly recruited GOP leaders from black and Hispanic wards.

The Credentials Committee held a hearing Sept. 9 and largely accepted the case Kelly made albeit they did not seat Schmidt as chairman as per Kelly’s request.

While Canuso held the title of party chairman he was basically a figurehead for Michael Meehan.

Philadelphia County is coterminous with the city.

Hat tip to

GOP Cred Board Says Philly Needs New Election

GOP Cred Board Says Philly Needs New Election