Election Denial Pandemic LOL

Election Denial Pandemic LOL — Millions are expressing doubt about the integrity of American elections and the numbers are ever growing.

This video below comes from a meeting of the Harris County Commissioners Court in Texas. Houston is in Harris County. Gov. Greg Abbott, the pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment “extremist” who overwhelmingly won re-election in our second largest state is demanding an investigation of Harris County elections.

The establishment types that hold positions of power in Pennsylvania must start taking the concerns of election integrity seriously if they want citizenry that accepts the results.

Require voting machine makers to waive all rights to intellectual property secrets when selling a machine. Why should the IP concerns of private corporations take precedence over election transparency?

Restrict ballot drop boxes to monitored places inside public buildings like police stations and libraries. Do we seriously need then to be available 24/7 especially with the laughable claims that the cameras provide security?

Anyone not willing to make these mild reforms has an agenda other than an honest and trusted election.

Election Denial Pandemic LOL
Election Denial Pandemic LOL

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