Joe Fried Makes Radio Rounds

Joe Fried Makes Radio Rounds — CPA and election integrity activist Joe Fried has explained the obvious and unremitting problems with our elections on National Security Hour, which can be heard here, and on the Shaun Thompson radio show in Chicago, to which Joe links on his Substack.

Check them out.

Joe notes that despite what you might have read in the establishment propaganda outlets, the Cyber Ninjas audit of the 2020 election in Arizona found huge issues.

Did you know an investigation into the 2022 Arizona elections is progressing? Not if you get your information from the propaganda outlets.

National Security Hour has another great program concerning FBI whistleblower Nate Cain, which can be heard here.

Cain is running for Congress in West Virginia.

Joe Fried Makes Radio Rounds
Joe Fried Makes Radio Rounds

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  1. Thank you Bill. I especially enjoy talking with the people on the national security hour. Thank you for the many good articles you post on important subjects. Keep up the good work.

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