Val DiGiorgio Trump Billboard

Val DiGiorgio Trump Billboard — We’ve been sent this photo said to be of a billboard in Allegheny County featuring Pennsylvania’s own feckless Republican Party Chairman pandering to Trump voters.

Words fail us.

We thought you were a Kasich guy, Val.

Seriously, how can a lobbyist for Stradley Ronon put the interest of Republican voters first?

And really, this billboard does not help, either you or our great president.

Val DiGiorgio Trump Billboard
Val DiGiorgio Trump Billboard

11 thoughts on “Val DiGiorgio Trump Billboard”

  1. I’ll take President Donald J Trump’s pro-Liberty, pro-Constitution agenda over what Val and the Rinos, for far too long, have been dishing out!

  2. Bill: This may be the funniest thing I expect to see all year…that is, if the hypocrisy of Republican leadership didn’t give it such a nauseating edge. Donald Trump represents virtually everyone OTHER than (and I’m trying to be polite) all those over-age, white men in designer suits and pointy-toed shoes who have absolutely no interest in anyone beyond themselves, now masquerading as Pennsylvania’s Republican hierarchy…his nose up in the air, how appropriate.

  3. Hey Bill, Is this for real? It doesn’t have a “paid for” and that pic of Mr. DiGiorgio seems to be a caricature of himself –with his nose up in the air. If it is real, classic DiGiorgio, out in western PA, not where he does his lobbying.

    1. Good points, Freedom Lover. My source is honest and politically connected but we can all be fooled.

      I think it’s real, though. It’s not making fun of Val, and I don’t see a Trump supporter or Tea Party person doing this.

      If it’s a Photoshopped fake it’s either by a Democrat, which says a lot, or Val himself which would be even weirder than the billboard.

      FWIW, the photo of Val is one that had been used on his literature.

    2. Val is nothing but an egotistical hedonist who has promoted the Rino/Liberal agenda in PA. He systematically supports candidate’s that have no chance of winning and sadly, all the while suppressing those candidate’s that can move PA in a positive light. He’s no more of a Trump supporter than Pelosi, Cortez, Shumar and all the rest of the left wing nuts. He uses Trump to promote his own perverse political agenda. Hence, he needs to go fir the betterment of all Pennsylvanians!

  4. Although it’s impossible to tell what’s in his heart, I don’t buy his support of Trump. That said, whichever is the case is irrelevant. It’s results that count, and in that regard, DiGiorgio’s been a dismal failure for Pennsylvania. If he really cares about the Republicans winning PA in 2020, he should step down and pave the way for a more competent individual to take his place before it’s too late.

  5. LOL! Who does he think he’s fooling? He was all in for Marco Rubio, then for John Kasich, and everyone BUT Trump. Now he’s telling everyone that Trump is turning voters off, so don’t mention Trump’s name. Can you say DeepSwamp operative?

    1. As so very many Rs throughout the state seem to realize, Val’s support of a candidate is a detriment. And, for those few who don’t know who he is, is a picture of some snooty, condescending-looking, white-collar guy really a good ad for anyone? So what’s the real purpose of the billboard? Next time, Val, just invest in vanity plates.

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