Why There Are No Black Republicans

Philadelphia Weekly interviewed three black Philadelphia Republicans who gave an honest critique as to the dearth of black Republicans, and yes the lion’s share of the blame came down on the GOP leadership. Robert Mansfield, Lewis Harris, Thermone Spence Jr. note that not merely has the GOP not sought to reach out to blacks but has actively fought their recruitment into the party — at least in the city. Why There Are No Black Republicans

Another important point that one takes from the article is that while there may be a handful of black Republicans there are a whole, whole lot of black conservatives.

It should be noted that while blacks were coming out in record number to return Barack Obama to the White House in Michigan they were voting down a referendum that would have enshrined automatic deductions of union dues into the state constitution. The defeat would inspire the state legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder to turn Michigan into a full-blown right to work state.

When Scott Walker stopped automatic deductions of union dues from the paychecks of state workers in Wisconsin, refusal of blacks to support his recall gave him a larger margin of victory in his second victory than in his original.

It’s something of which Tom Corbett should perhaps become aware.

Let us further note that in Pennsylvania, it is the blacks who are supporting school choice and charter schools. It is the blacks who are trying to give abortionists the death penalty.

Here is the article: PW Roundtable: Black Republicans on Their Existential Struggles

 Why There Are No Black Republicans

Percy Dougherty Calls In Big Favors

By Bob Guzzardi

I received this fundraiser email from quasi Republican and 100% Squish Lehigh Commissioner Percy Dougherty who is faced with a primary. Lt. Gov. and Corbett Surrogate and Deon Union Republican BucksCo Jim Cawley is fundraising for NOT the Forgotten Taxpayer’s Friend Percy Dougherty!

Yikes, why is governor endorsing in a county commissioner Republican Primary? Because the Governor’s actions do not match the rhetoric at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (sometimes called the Incumbent Protection Conference with shameless promotion from Fred Anton, his spokesman Dave Taylor and the phony and failed Charlie GID Gerow). Incompetence is Us! Is it a wonder Republicans are losing Pennsylvania.

Percy Dougherty has opposed the Lehigh County’s Reform Agenda and most recently enabled the Democratic Unions and Democratic Allentown Mayor Ed Pawloski’s Lehigh County Authority Water/Sewer Lease effectively enacting a stealth tax increase on Allentown water and sewer customers. As a Lehigh County Commissioner, Percy Dougherty had the opportunity to vote with real Republicans on the LCA.  And voted with plugged in Democrat and Allentown Parking Authority Solicitor and former Allentown City Solicitor Dan McCarthy

Because the Governor is a failure and a phony as his polling numbers show. Fortunately, he has obtained competent campaign help from Ed Rendell and his billionaire funding network headed by Comcast Obama Democrat David L. Cohen. And more at Huffington Post

Once again, the Governor, through his surrogate, Deon Union BucksCo Republican Jim Cawley, has intruded and endorsed a local commissioner candidate in a Republican Primary! Two years ago Governor Corbett and State Chair Rob Gleason backed quasi Republican 100% Squish Dean Browning who supported Lehigh County Democrats’ spending and tax increases.

One would think that the Governor, whose plummeting poll numbers are common knowledge, would distance himself.

Note Percy Dougherty corrected my misperception that he was running in tandem with quasi Republican and 100 percent Squish Dean Browning. My mistake. I assumed (without evidence) that the Governor had reached into a local Republican primary on loser Dean Browning’s campaign in 2010 and is, was, again, reaching another quasi Republican 100% Squish, the campaigns were related. Dean Browning and Percy Dougherty are NOT running as a team.

Although County Chair Wayne Woodman and I have exchanged some heated words, I admire and support the policies of NO ENDORSEMENT primaries that he and his Lehigh County supporters instituted. Let Republican Voters decide whom they want to represent them. We recall the disastrous effects of CorbettCawley’s endorsement of losers Steve Welch, Dave Freed, John Maher!  CorbettCawley = Loser.


Percy Dougherty Calls In Big Favors

Send Message This Judicial Primary

Superior Court and county court judges will be on the ballot for the May 21 Republican Primary and the election provides a perfect opportunity for the grassroots to send a message to the uncaring establishment which does not listen to its own base, notes activist Bob Guzzardi.

Few pay attention to these races as important as they are, he says.

Rob Wyda, who served as a JAG officer in GITMO, Afghanistan and Iraq is the choice for Superior Court of those who care about this state and want to end business as usual, Guzzardi  says. The establishment candidate is Vic Stabile, a partner with uber-connected law firm Dilworth Paxson LLP.

Guzzardi has written an open letter to Stabile (below)  explaining why he can’t support him. Mostly it is due to those with whom he associates, namely the party establishment which is is in bed with Democrats when it comes from transferring wealth from the forgotten taxpayer to the politically connected, he says.

“These are the associates Vic Stabile has chosen; birds of a feather flock together,” Guzzardi said. “The leaders of both parties either don’t know where money comes from or don’t care. The difference between them is that those who make up the Republican constituency do, unlike the rank and file Democrats, and want to save the state and avoid the real pain that will come for all from economic irresponsibility.”

Guzzardi’s letter:

Birds of a Feather….You have chosen your associates and, although you are, clearly, intelligent, well-informed and very experienced, you have chosen to associate with obstinate, self-serving, incompetent blockheads who do not hear the anger and anguish of the grassroots, the Forgotten Taxpayers, and the middle class working people who are being exploited by ever escalating size and cost of government and are selling out the loyal and credulous Republican voter.

Pennsylvania Republican Party Leadership (sometimes called The Establishment, or, as a rude child of nature might say “the bad guys”)
To learn more about the leadership of the state party, click the links below.
•    Chairman Rob Gleason
•    Vice Chairman Joyce Haas
•    National Committeewoman Christine J. Toretti
•    National Committeeman Robert Asher
•    Finance Chairman Chris Gleason
•    Deputy Chairman Renee Amoore
•    Treasurer Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh
•    Assistant Secretary Peg Ferraro
•    General Counsel Lawrence Tabas

Caucus Chairmen
Don Yost
Northeast Caucus Chairman
Bill Darr
Southwest Caucus Chairman
Blake Marles
Northeast Central Caucus Chairman
Michael Meehan
Southeast Caucus Chairman
Donna Reinaker
Central Caucus Co-Chairman
Dick Stewart
Central Caucus Co-Chairman
Robyn Sye
Northwest Caucus Chairman

You may think it “guilt by association” but when you associate with the guilty, what is any common sense person to think: “birds of a feather flock together”.
And here are some of the people you are ‘guilty’ of associating with:

BETRAYED and Financially ABUSED

•     LeRoy Zimmerman profited from his position at Hershey Trust ( a charity for disadvantaged children or Republican slush fund)  “When Leroy S. Zimmerman was named in late 2002 to the board of the small state-chartered Pennsylvania bank that managed the assets of the Hershey charity for disadvantaged youth, the post paid about $35,000 a year and came with restrictions.
For the tax year that ended July 31, 2010, Zimmerman, 76, earned $500,000 – for the second consecutive year. His total compensation on Hershey-related boards in less than a decade is $1.9 million.” Bob Fernandez Inquirer 20 July 2011 Inquirer.

•     AND LeRoy Zimmerman, and many Republican Insiders, were silent as Hershey School assets and income were used to bail out Republican Insiders Bob Fernandez Inquirer 11 February 2011 (and five months later LeRoy Zimmerman resigns his well paid posts at Hershey!)
“The deal tossed a financial lifeline to 40 to 50 local businessmen and doctors who had invested in Wren Dale and faced substantial losses. One of them was Richard H. Lenny, then-chief executive officer of the Hershey Co. and a member of the charity board that approved the purchase.”  READ MORE Bob Fernandez Inquirer 3 October 2010  Not surprisingly, Milton Hershey School Will Close[money losing golf course for which Leroy Zimmerman and crony insiders overpaid Golf Course  READ MORE Bob Fernandez 15 February 2013

•      Harrisburg Bond Bailout was engineered by Republican lobbyists Stan Rapp and Greenlee Partners  and note involvement of John McNally, Andrew Giorgione, Jeff Haste Mike Pries, A.J.Marsico (Dauphin DA’s brother) Insiders Profit; The Forgotten Taxpayers of Pennsylvania pay for the fiscal profligacy of Harrisburg elected leaders…bankruptcy was  an option but then bondholders would have had to take a haircut;   Bondholders Happy; The Forgotten Taxpayer, not so much….

•    Senate Bonusgate NonInvestigation and Orie Sisters Conviction
CasablancaPa (27 February 2012)    On top of the Orie fiasco, Senate Rs awarded the largest bonuses of any in the General Assembly, to employees who did campaign work:
•    $22,500 to Mike Long, former top aide to then-Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Jubelirer of Blair County.
•    $19,647 to Drew Crompton, then a top lawyer on Jubelirer’s staff.
•    $15,000 to Erik Arneson, former chief of staff to then-Senate Majority Leader David Brightbill;

Shocked at corruption in Pennsylvania Senate, are we? See Turnpike Grand Jury Report 13 March 2013 and Attorney General’s Press Release and Brad Bumsted’s reference to the spirit of Senate bipartisanship

Robert Jubelirer whose former chief of staff was….Mike Long:  “It’s odd, though, that Mellow is the only elected official named in the report. During the past decade, Fumo and former Senate President Pro Tem Robert Jubelirer, R-Altoona, had the most influence at the Turnpike Commission. Jubelirer has not been accused of any wrongdoing.” READ MORE Tribune Review Brad Bumsted16 March 2013
Despite all this staring him in the face, Corbett never subpoenaed a single Senate R member or staffer;
Note CasablancaPa is run by (CasablancaPa provides a real service to citizens of Pennsylvania and is run by Democrats who s
eemed to have learned honest and “equal justice under law”     when their ox was gored. These are Democrats affiliated with Mike Veon  convicted of Bonusgate violations and and then another 1 to 4 years for BIG swindle  and Brett Cott (21 months to five years)

•    The House Republicans, who spent $30, 000 trashing the good name of a good man, now Representative John McGuiness who primaried and defeated Jubelirer Republican 34 year incumbent Rick Geist,  (for whom phony Charlie Gerow campaigned),  owe  The Forgotten Taxpayers of Pennsylvania TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS (AG Corbett’s Grand Jury Presentment PART 1,page 1, paragraph 3 – hat tip Signor Ferrari) (Grand Jury Report: Part 1, Part 2  & Part 3) and very informative press release. Then Speaker Perzel signed the $10,000,000 computer contracts for technology and expertise  was co signed by now Republican Speaker Sam Smith who, it seems, knew nothing.

•    Mike Long and Todd Nyquist    Two Faced Double Talkers, one could almost mistake them for Democrats but wait…they represent Union Aristocrat Wendell Young IV of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union(next to last page), currently, and vociferously and disruptively, opposing Liquor Store Privatization as well as the Corbett favorite Shell Oil (9 from last page).

Krystjan Callahan is Majority Leader Mike Turzai’s chief of staff and wife Megan Callahan is lobbyist with Long and Nyquist. Megan Crompton is wife of Senate Republican staffer Drew Crompton who was never investigated by AG for Bonusgate violations. Shohin Vance is grandson of faux conservative Republican Senator Patricia Vance.

•    These two cases are important because Article III is important. The Supreme Court have been too deferential to General Assembly’s excesses. This is how we got Gambling.
Vic Stabile provided  the links 2011 Superior Court case Sernovitz v Dershaw where Pennsylvania Constitution’s Article III, Section 3, Single Subject Rule, was upheld by Pennsylvania Superior Court in a case invalidating a section of  Act 47 of 1988  Abortion Control Act   and  Pennsylvania Association of Jury Commissioners v Commonwealth (Act 108 of 2011 Senate Fiscal Note)  where the Supreme Court upheld the Pennsylvania Constitution’s Single Subject Rule.


Bob Guzzardi Camp Hill is independent of any party, candidate or campaign and is approved of by no one.

Send Message This Judicial Primary

Republicans Blame Everyone But Themselves

By Chris Freind

“Define irony: Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.” So said Steve Buscemi’s character in Con Air as the criminals rocked out to Leonard Skynyrd.

Don’t look now, but the Republican Party is giving that definition a run for its money. Consider these two ironic beauties:

– Leading Republicans trying to steer a new course for the GOP so it can “reinvent itself and win elections,” despite being the very same people who not only championed the abysmal 2012 campaigns but guaranteed a Romney “landslide.”  That’s like Andy Reid pontificating on how to win the Super Bowl.

-Still on the movie theme, how ironic is it that the Republicans, despite their misguided bashing of all things Hollywood, unwittingly used a classic Tinseltown flick as the basis for their entire campaign?


Let’s dispense with the wildly inaccurate post-mortems from GOP “experts” who got their derrieres kicked on election night (Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, George Will and especially Dick Morris, to name just a few) and look at what went wrong for the hapless Republicans, using none other than Animal House as our guide:

“Face it. You (screwed) up. You trusted us.”  That’s the message the GOP gave to America.

The people were looking for a real leader, but instead got Mitt Romney.  Mitt’s colossal disaster, the U.S. Senate debacle, and Pennsylvania’s abysmal failures courtesy of Tom Corbett are overwhelming evidence that the initial trust in the GOP was misguided.

Despite President Obama presiding over the worst economy since the Great Depression, voters still rejected Romney — including Republicans, as three million fewer voted for Romney than John McCain!  Yet this should not have been a surprise to anyone paying attention. Freindly Fire spelled out precisely why Romney would lose back on March 16 , which predictably angered many Republicans who refused to acknowledge the facts.

Polls show what common sense already tells us — and if they don’t, they’re wrong. In that regard, two exit polls tell everything we need to know: a majority of voters believed 1. America was on the wrong track, and 2. government was too large.  Yet a majority pulled for Obama.  Why?

Because Romney ran to win an election, not the argument.  A horrible candidate, he was incapable of relating to the middle class and thus never sealed the deal with those voters. The overall ABO (Anyone But Obama) strategy backfired, just as predicted here, because it’s never enough to run against something. The Romney/Ryan ticket was wholly unable to articulate what it stood for, resulting in, ironically, an ABR (Anyone But Romney) backlash.

In response to a question on the progress of his novel after four years, Professor Jennings (Donald Sutherland) replies, “It’s a piece of s**t.… anyone like to smoke some pot?”

Like Jennings, the Republicans were also smoking something.

During the past four years, the Republican strategy has been to whine and complain, bashing Obama on meaningless issues rather than advocating a better course for America.

Obama is a Muslim socialist from Kenya who hates America and wants to destroy it.  And since he isn’t a citizen, he is a treasonist who should be impeached. Oh, and the liberal media, Hurricane Sandy and Chris Christie are responsible for his reelection. 

Blah, blah, blah.

Most amazing, that wasn’t just the lunatics talking, but many in the mainstream GOP.

Those propagating such garbage don’t understand that doing so drives voters away from the GOP. Rather than intelligently trying to win the Great American Middle — the voters who decide every election — Republicans spewing insane rhetoric made swing voters reluctantly return Obama to Washington.

At least Sutherlund made some progress in four years.  The Republicans lost ground.

“Do you mind if we dance with your dates?” In the priceless scene at the Blues bar, the white fraternity guys had no idea how to relate to the black people in the club.  In the same way, the Republican Party never looked more awkward in dealing with Latinos, Blacks and even women.  Rather than being proud Republicans, explaining in clear, populist terms how GOP ideas are better for everyone, Romney and Company went back to the playbook of pandering.

Instead of winning over these large blocs, Romney got slammed, just like his predecessors (Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six elections). Incomprehensibly, no one inside the GOP has yet realized they are getting the worst of both worlds: pandering never wins votes, and drives away the Party faithful.

Reinventing the GOP by acting like Democrats eliminates the need for the Republican Party. Not exactly a recipe for growth.

“You guys playing cards?” Flounder’s immortal line reflected a deer-in-the-headlights, out-of-touch Republican mentality, one that projected cluelessness instead of a bold plan. And nowhere was that more on display than with Romney. At times, the Gaffe King made John McCain look like Daniel Webster (the $10,000 bet; talking about how many NASCAR team owners he knew; telling the unemployed he knows what it’s like despite a $300 million net worth; stating that companies are people too; criticizing the 47 percent; etc). The list could fill volumes.

And yet, too many Republicans chose to believe that a few solid debates magically erased Romney’s aloofness. It didn’t.  That’s wasn’t wishful thinking.  It was denial. There’s a difference.

“And could you get three dates for my friends?” Obama perfectly executed the classic bait-and-switch on Romney, just like Otter (Tim Matheson) when he secured dates for his friends after pretending to be the boyfriend of deceased Fawn Liebowitz.

Rather than focusing on the horrid economy, rising gas prices and unpopular Obamacare, Romney took Obama’s bait by discussing Bain Capital and whether he would release tax returns. Instead of seeing Obama’s trap and avoiding a no-win situation, Romney himself set the stage by running a stagnant and defensive campaign all summer.   It became so bad that leading national Republicans publicly scolded Romney for his inaction. But it was too late.

Dean Wormer: “Here are your grade point averages. Dorfman, 0.2 — Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life! Blutarsky — zero point zero!”

When will the Republicans get it?  How many failures will it take to realize that coronating candidates based on wallet size and “whose turn it is” never works?  Not only do they lose the presidency, but ensure disastrous results for every down-ticket Republican.

Given the climate, Republicans should have won not just the White House but at least four and probably six Senate seats. Instead, they lost two.  Even Hollywood, where suspension of belief is a necessity, would not have scripted that feat.

But lately, it seems that no one is more adept at snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory than Republicans. Now the only debate is whether the GOP has a .2 GPA, or a Blutarksy-like zero-point-zero.

Bluto: “Seven years of college down the drain. Might as well join the f***ing Peace Corps.”

It is now 28 years since the GOP put up a truly solid candidate — Ronald Reagan — who just happened to unify the country by winning 49 states with his Republican ideals. If the Party of Reagan doesn’t hire a proctologist to locate its head — quickly — it might as well follow Blutarsky’s advice. But don’t get your enema out just yet, because if history is any indication, Republicans will once again repeat their mistakes, parroting Kevin Bacon while being spanked:

“Thank you, sir! May I have another?”

Republicans Blame Everyone But Themselves

Republicans Blame Everyone But Themselves

County GOPs Told Welch Or Else

The state Republican Party is warning  the county organizations about associating with those unendorsed, fiscally responsible types favored by the Tea Party.

They seem particularly concerned about U.S. candidate Steve Welch whose votes for President Obama and support for Congressman Joe Sestak isn’t sitting real well with people who think the Republican Party shouldn’t pick candidates who support Democrats.

In a letter sent to every county GOP chairman, the state honchos say:

— Only candidates endorsed by the PA GOP should be recognized and/or allowed to speak at official party events and that they should be able to attend events as complimentary guests.

— All endorsed candidates should be given an opportunity to speak at such events

— County organizations should only be circulating petitions for state-endorsed candidates.

— County chairs should decline promotional materials from non-endorsed candidates.

If the state GOP has such a handle on things, one kind of wonders how this unflattering memo is getting circulated.

Here it is in full: