Andy Reilly Voting Tabas For GOP Chairman

Andy Reilly Voting Tabas — The always perceptive Lois Kaneshiki has posted the below letter from Andy Reilly at the Pennsylvania Precinct Project. Reilly chairs the Southeast PA Republican Caucus. The takeaway line is “And my conscience tells me that Lawrence Tabas is the right choice for Party Chair.”

Here is his letter:

Fellow Republican State Committee Members,

As Chair of the Southeast Caucus, I can assure you that both Lawrence Tabas and Bernie Comfort enjoy strong support from our members. This comes as no surprise. Both Lawrence and Bernie have been committed to our party for years and I’m proud to call them both my friends.

The only sane choice

As the vote nears for the election of a new chair of our state party, some members have asked me for my advice. Here’s what I’ve told them:

Vote your conscience.

Voting one’s conscience means just what it says. It’s not about power plays or Washington politics or satisfying outside interests. State parties should be run at the local level.

When it comes to Immigration, China, and picks for the United States Supreme Court, I happily stand with the Trump team. I’m ready to go into 2020 fighting for the principles and vision of Donald Trump.

But when choosing a local party leader, especially when we have two well-known candidates, my reply is “thank you, but I’m voting my conscience.”

And my conscience tells me that Lawrence Tabas is the right choice for Party Chair.

It disappoints me that someone has invited the Trump team into a contentious, local matter. It’s a no-win proposition for our President.

Either candidate will work hard for the President’s re-election. The use of the Trump team and family members demonstrates a lack of regard for their political welfare and jeopardizes the Trump coalition that made us successful in 2016.

This vote is a matter of conscience. And that duty resides solely with the men and women from across this state who believe in Republican principles.

Andy Reilly
Trump Delegate to 2016 Republican National Convention
Member of 2016 Electoral College – Pennsylvania
Chairman of Southeast PA Republican Caucus

Andy Reilly Voting Tabas

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool?

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool? — The below message was sent from us from well-connected Republican and we are going to share it.

(The next State Republican Chair) cannot be Bernadette Comfort.

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool?
The only sane choice

How she got the nod: Bernie was a Never-Trumper. She is supported, and a tool, of Bob Asher.

Bob Asher is the ultimate Republican Never-Trumper. At the 2016 GOP convention he was the force behind the last minute push for a rule change to un-bind the delegates so they could be corrupted to change their vote to an unnamed candidate other than Trump (most likely Kasich.) Asher has never publicly uttered the words “President Trump” in public. Asher only backs candidates he can control – this is important and the reason he wants Bernie.

• David Urban is a 30+ year friend of Bob Asher.

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool?
Val II

• Rob Gleason, the party chair before Val, supported Lawrance Tabas. Gleason was early for Trump in the Primary. His reason for backing Tabas is he knows Tabas can raise money and re-establish the party.

• David Urban hates Rob Gleason. It is said he hates him with every fiber of his body. •

Urban backs Bernie to stick it to Gleason. It also gets him points with his buddy Asher. Putting him and Asher in affective control of the state party.

Urban gives Trump bad intel for Don jr. to tweet his support for Bernie. Urban tells the Trump campaign that it’s a done deal and the come July 4th Bernie will be the only nominee for State Chair.

• Lawrence Tabas sees what is going on and understand how it will end. Tabas knows that Asher is behind Bernie and with Bernie as the head of the party they will do the least possible in 2020 while pocketing as much money as possible.

• Ted Christian takes his orders from David Urban

We need to support Lawrence Tabas. • Email the state committee people. • Show up at the state convention with your Trump Flags and homemade Lawrance Tabas posters.

Editors note: The GOP State Committee will pick the next party chairman Saturday. It will be broadcast live at 1 p.m. on PCN.

Bernie Comfort Never-Trumper Asher Tool?

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas

By Susan Jane Goldner

Two weeks ago, Val DiGiorgio was exposed — finally. In a matter of days, Pennsylvania politics has a chance for real reform at a time when we are desperate for liberty, truth and justice.

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas
The only sane choice.

Under VD’s sham leadership, I was removed ahead of 2020 for the crime of knowing and NOT accepting their BS and mindless marching orders on Dec. 8, 2018.

We do not live in the USSR, people should question pre-made decisions in backrooms on selected candidates, protest the unethical rigging of our primaries e.g. Commissioner race here in MontCo, and hold our Representatives accountable for their legislative actions.

Since the beginning of my involvement, I have had a somewhat different ideology than the MontCo GOP—and the PA GOP for that matter; their ideology would’ve given us Kasich.

Mine gave us Trump.

We are America First—not their RINO, in-bed-with-globalists, Democrats in disguise “endorsed” candidates. Time to bring back conservatism, past time to bring back Constitutionalism in PA. Time to bring back liberty, justice, and instill power into the hands of the people—not the elitist few.

Ed. Note: A vote will be held Saturday, July 13, to replace the disgraced DiGiorgio as Pennsylvania Republican Party Chair. The leading candidates are Bernadette Comfort and Lawrence Tabas. Ms. Comfort, who had been DiGiorgio’s number two, is now employed at Novak Strategic Advisors which describes itself as a firm that offers comprehensive, strategic government affairs and grassroots solutions to real world business needs. Before that she was executive director of Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series. Yes, we think we can fairly say the organization opposes pro life. Tabas has been a Republican activist for 38 years and has served as general counsel of the state Republican Party. In 2016, he saw DiGiorgio for what he is and contested him for state party leadership losing by just two votes after intense pressure from those who see tax money as a means to wealth. Yeah, we want Tabas. Remember we were right about DiGiorgio.

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas

Tabas Announces Candidacy For PAGOP Chair

Tabas Announces Candidacy For PAGOP Chair –– Respected election-law attorney and political strategist Lawrence Tabas has formally announced his candidacy for PAGOP Chair.

Tabas Announces Candidacy
Lawrence Tabas

“I want you to know that nothing is more important to me in this race than finding a way to bring us together,” he said. “It is the only way we can give President Trump the victory he deserves, restore the health and dignity of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, and start winning elections again. I look forward to working with everyone.”

Tabas is a long-time General Counsel to the State Republican Party. He ran for party chairman in 2017 losing to Val DiGiorgio, who was strongly backed by party insiders, by just two votes in an open ballot election.

DiGiorgio resigned in disgrace Tuesday (June 25) after being caught in a sex scandal.

Tabas Announces Candidacy
Tabas statement announcing his candidacy

“The scandal is one of a series of devastating blows to the Republican Party, which has lacked adequate fundraising and suffered a number of key losses for Governor, State Senate, State House,Congress and the Judiciary,” said the release put out by Tabas.

Tabas Announces Candidacy For PAGOP Chair

Val DiGiorgio Quits Due To Sex Scandal

Val DiGiorgio Quits Due To Sex Scandal — Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so Told ya so told ya so told ya so told ya so

Val DiGiorgio Quits Due To Sex Scandal
Ha ha

Val DiGiorgio, the Pennsylvania Republican boss who we are convinced has been some kind of saboteur since his days as Chester County GOP chairman, has been caught carrying on sexting relationship with Republican Philadelphia City Council candidate Irina Goldstein.

Yes, it reportedly involves an explicit picture of an excited Little Val.

How stupid can people be?

Val is married as we have noted before.

He resigned today his post as Pennsylvania GOP Chairman and submitted a letter saying “It is with regret, after much thought and consideration, that I am resigning as chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania effective immediately.”

He said “A recent media report contains gross mischaracterizations of mutual consensual communications between myself and a former primary candidate. My resignation should in no way be confused with confirmation of these mischaracterization.”

A new chairman will be picked sometime this summer.

Lawrence Tabas, a well-admired and wise attorney with deep Republican roots, apparently also saw DiGiorgio for what he is and took him on in 2017 in the fight to lead the Pennsylvania Republicans. Tabas lost by just two votes despite intense pressure from party insiders to vote for DiGiorgio.

Tabas would make a great replacement.

Wonder how the gang at Stradley Ronon is taking this? How about Val’s good buddy and Dem star Josh Shapiro? You know he’s not happy.

The Republicans might survive now in this state.

Note the Republicans in Val’s Chesco bailiwick were told not to mention Donald Trump just last April.

Val DiGiorgio Quits Due To Sex Scandal

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco? — A little birdie has told us that Chester County Republican party bosses are telling the area chairpeople not to mention Donald Trump.

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?

We believe it considering the string of Chester County GOP failures that can be directly tied to how the in-it-for-themselves leaders chased away the most honest and dedicated people seeking involvement in GOP affairs.

Hey party leaders, we are Americans first and the Republican Party is just a means to an end. It’s not our religion. We can tolerate to some degree you getting a comfortable lifestyle from your politicking, but spit on us and you will lose it.

GOP Bosses Diss Trump In Chesco?

Val DiGiorgio Trump Billboard

Val DiGiorgio Trump Billboard — We’ve been sent this photo said to be of a billboard in Allegheny County featuring Pennsylvania’s own feckless Republican Party Chairman pandering to Trump voters.

Words fail us.

We thought you were a Kasich guy, Val.

Seriously, how can a lobbyist for Stradley Ronon put the interest of Republican voters first?

And really, this billboard does not help, either you or our great president.

Val DiGiorgio Trump Billboard
Val DiGiorgio Trump Billboard

Dems Flip 37th Senate Seat In Pa.

Dems Flip 37th Senate Seat — Well, the Democrats flipped Pennsylvania’s 37th Senatorial District, today, April 2, with liberal Pam Iovino beating tech entrepreneur D Raja by about 4,000 votes in a special election.

The suburban Pittsburgh seat went vacant when Guy Lorin Reschenthale left it for a successful bid for the 14th congressional district seat.

The loss leaves the GOP with a 26-22 margin in the state senate..

Below is a message for help sent by Pennsylvania Republican Chairman Val DiGiorgio Saturday:

Dear supporters, friends, and those interested in the Republican Party of Pennsylvania: We are down to the last hours in one of the most critical elections for the State Senate in recent memory and I could not be more proud of the work our candidate, Raja, is doing to keep the 37th District red. I was happy to join Raja this week as he was going door-to-door in Sewickley Hills, where I saw first-hand the well-spring of support he is seeing within the district. Now you have the ability to help Raja, too. On election day, April 2nd, we are sending an army of volunteers to help the Raja team get out the vote. Will be sending buses from Harrisburg and Erie to go into the district and work to make sure we get Raja over the finish line. If you want to head out to the Pittsburgh area to help Raja, please fill out the form HERE and a member of our team will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

You really aren’t trying to win are you Val?

Dems Flip 37th Senate Seat
How can a lobbyist working for Stradley Ronon put the interests of Pennsylvania Republicans first?

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned — The horrific performance by the Pennsylvania Republican Party in the last two elections is getting the attention of national GOP leaders including Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump  Concerned
Well played, Val. Well played.

And our old pal Val is finding himself behind the eight-ball.

“The bleeding has led a faction of Republicans to point their fingers at the state party chairman: Val DiGiorgio, who hails from populous and increasingly Democratic southeastern Pennsylvania,”’s Holly Otterbein reported today (Dec. 17).

Valentine DiGiorgio, who took charge of the Chester County GOP when Chesco was still Republican, became state boss in February 2017 beating widely respected attorney Lawrence Tabas by just two votes.

“The list of complaints about DiGiorgio is long,” Ms Otterbein wrote. “He’s a bad fundraiser. His staff is anemic. Though he eventually got behind Trump in 2016, he initially backed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the primary.”

Note after Rubio was eliminated, DiGiorgio got behind Ohio Gov.  John Kasich’s bizarre attempt to force a brokered convention. 

Anyway, a lot of criticism of Val assumes mere incompetence. The poor kid is out of his depth so to speak.

We think that is unfair. We think Val is doing a supremely good job for his prime employer, namely the Philadelphia-based political fixing firm Stradley Ronon, which is a strong backer of all things Deep State and never-Trump.

By the way, Pennsylvania Attorney General and rising Democrat star Josh Shapiro also has close ties with Stradley Ronon. Unlike Val, his career is doing well. 

Pennsylvania Meltdown Has Trump Concerned

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman — Val DiGiorgo stepped down as Chester County Republican Party Chairman on Dec. 7 but remains the head of the State GOP.

By Jane Taylor Toal

Former Congressman, Chaka Fattah, received a 10-year sentence for federal corruption in the 2nd District of Philadelphia, which is traditionally supported by the PA GOP, and was convicted of the VICO Act violations and other related crimes, which hosts a 2-year sentence. Also receiving this sentence was Herbert Vederman. Mr. Vederman was a Senior Consultant for the government and public affairs group, Stradley, Ronan, Stevens, and Young, LLC, a Philadelphia based law firm.

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman
Val DiGiorgio

Valentino F. DiGiorgio III chaired the banking and public finance sections, while being a partner. Government and public affairs were considered part of his “focus.” The PA GOP Chairman is currently employed at said firm. Pennsylvania Attorney General Joshua Shapiro (D) was counsel at the firm. Mr. Shapiro obtained employment for Mr. DiGiorgio’s wife in Montgomery County, consisting of a 6-figure income. The Attorney General still practices general corporate work, real estate, and regulatory compliance with the LLC. Firms such as these in our great Commonwealth should be shut down.

The Chair was elected to this position at the Republican Convention on February 4, 2017, in Hershey.

A close friend has a long history of supporting big government causes in Chester County. Alex Rahn is reputed to be the brains behind a shadow group named United Republicans of Chester County, has tried unsuccessfully to remove committee people from Elk and East Nottingham Townships. Mr. Rahn directed activities for the late Senator Arlen Specter, who represented both the Republican and Democrat political parties in 2003/2004. Can we say “collusion?”

Flash forward to the 2018 gubernatorial race, the PA GOP Chair accepted monies for the support and endorsement of the flawed and publicly violent candidate, Scott Wagner. Six State Committee members wrote a letter of disgust stating that they were lied to and deceived by Mr. DiGiorgio, their party boss. They referenced facts pertaining to said candidate which were held from them and they found these to be vile and did not want to be included in this support. A separate letter, via grassroots activists, also asked him to withdraw his endorsement, and was received with no reply.

With this being said, the Chair is no friend to those with opposing views. He uses his bully tactics and back room schemes to promote his status quo establishment agenda. As a registered Republican voter of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am calling for the letter of resignation of Mr. Valentino F. DiGiorgio III. He is not a friend of We the People. Politics is placed before the Keystone state’s citizens. This gentleman deceives those with whom have placed their trust in him.

The deadline for this will be the date of May 18, 2019,which is the day prior to our primary election. A special election will need to be held for his replacement.

Ms. Toal  is president and CEO of Citizens for Liberty

DiGiorgio Must Step Down As State GOP Chairman